10 Facts about American Burgers

Friday, January 9th 2015. | Culinary

Facts about American Burgers provide the interesting information about the most popular food in America.  You can buy the big burgers in the McDonald’s. Their burger is famous and the branch is opened in many parts all over the world. If you want to know the real American burger facts, get the following information below:

Facts about American Burgers 1: Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr is the famous actor who gets the attention after he becomes Iron Man.  He claimed that Burger King saved his life from drug addiction. He re-thought about his life after he ate a burger in a Burger King in 2003.

Facts about American Burgers 2: low moisture

You will never see McDonald’s burger rotted. It is because of the low moisture, not because of the mysterious chemicals used in the burger.

American Burger Ingredients

American Burger Ingredients

Facts about American Burgers 3: the undercooked burger

When you see the ads of a burger on TV, you will be impressed with the burger’s appearance. It looks tasty and delicious. Actually, the burger looks good because it is undercooked.

Facts about American Burgers 4: the secret menu

If you come to McDonald’s, you have to order the secret menu of McDonald. It is a Land, Sea and Air Burger.

American Burgers Beef

American Burgers Beef

Facts about American Burgers 5: Burger King in Australia

When you are in Australia, you should never be surprised when you hear that a Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s.

Facts about American Burgers 6: Big Mac

Big Mac is the most popular burger in McDonald.   It was named blue ribbon burger and aristocrat burger before it is called as Big Mac. Both names failed to gain the attention of the market.

American Burgers Beef

American Burgers Beef

Facts about American Burgers 7: “Arch Deluxe”

The Arch Deluxe was a big failure for McDonald. It was advertised with high cost in 1996. The purpose for this burger was to serve the adult market who wanted a high end burger.

Facts about American Burgers 8: Big America

Big America is the burger sold by McDonald’s in Japan.

American Burgers Facts

American Burgers Facts

Facts about American Burgers 9: Twisted Root Burger Co

If you want to enjoy unique burgers, you have to go to Twisted Root Burger Co. It serves you with beaver burger, kangaroo burger, emu burger and ostrich burger. If you want to know the traditional food, get facts about African food.

Facts about American Burgers 10: the name

The name hamburger was derived from the city in Germany, Hamburg. The Hamburg steak was served from a cut of beef which influenced the creation of hamburger.

Facts about American Burgers

Facts about American Burgers

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