10 Facts about American Cowboys

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Facts about American Cowboys tell you about the western people who live in the country area. You can find them taking care the horses, herding the cattle and fixing the building and fences. Most cowboys work in the cattle drives. Being cattle drives is not easy to do since the cowboys have to guide the cattle from the ranch to the market.  The one in the front is the senior cowboy. The junior ones have to stay at the back of the cattle. Here are other facts about American cowboys for you:

Facts about American Cowboys 1: the size of a herd

The size of herd that a cowboy should drive is not small. The herd can reach the size of 3000 cattle. There are a dozen of cowboys who have to transport them. It can consist of the wranglers, camp cook and boss.

Facts about American Cowboys 2: The Roundup

The Roundup is the time when the cowboys have to bring all cattle back into the ranches. In this roundup, the cattle are allowed to roam freely. To avoid mistakes when gathering all cattle, each of them will be burned with a special mark. You can call it a brand.

American Cowboy Facts

American Cowboy Facts

Facts about American Cowboys 3: the most important possible of a cowboy

Can you guess the most important possessions of a cowboy? It is his saddles and horse. The horses are the most valuable item since it is very expensive. The saddle is the custom made one.

Facts about American Cowboys 4: stealing horse

Since horse was a valuable item, people would be granted with hanging sentence if they stole horses.

American Cowboy Tribute

American Cowboy Tribute

Facts about American Cowboys 5: clothing

The clothing of a cowboy is very unique. You should never identify yourself as a cowboy if you do not know what to wear. The cowboy’s boots are important. They should feature the pointed toes. To avoid the rain and sun on the face and head, you can wear a large hat. Get facts about American culture here.

Facts about American Cowboys 6: accessories

Other important accessories are the bandana. It is used to avoid the dust during the journey.

American Cowboy

American Cowboy

Facts about American Cowboys 7: chaps

To avoid the sharp cacti and bushes, the cowboys often wear chaps outside their legs.

Facts about American Cowboys 8: the code

The cowboys have their unwritten codes of law. When you meet other cowboys, you just have to nod. You do not need to wave at them. You should never use another man’s hat or even take the horse without their permission.

American Cowboys

American Cowboys

Facts about American Cowboys 9: a sport competition

There are many sport competitions among cowboys. It is the rodeo competition. Other events include barrel racing, bareback bronco riding, bull riding, steer wrestling and calf roping.

Facts about American Cowboys 10: other names

Cowboys have other names. You can call them buckaroos, cowpokes, cowpunchers, and cowhands.

Facts about American Cowboys

Facts about American Cowboys

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