10 Facts about American Dad

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Facts about American Dad discuss about the famous show by Seth Macfarlane. This man is also famous with other shows such as Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. If you are interested to know more about this situational comedy based animation, get more facts about it below:

Facts about American Dad 1: the beginning of the show

American Dad started on 6th February 2005. Until today, the people have enjoyed 8 seasons of American Dad.

Facts about American Dad 2: the ownership

Underdog Production and Fuzzy Door Productions is the owner of American Dad’s show.  But it is also associated with 20th century fox.

American Dad Facts

American Dad Facts

Facts about American Dad 3: the family

The head of the family in American Dad is Republican CIA Agent. His name is Stan Smith. Francine Smith is his wife. They have a daughter whose occupation is a political activist. Her name is Hayley. Their son is a stereotypical nerd, Steve.

Facts about American Dad 4: the teenage life of Stan

The teenage life of Stan was good since he had to experience the severe acne. To cure his acne, he used different kinds of experiment drugs. It causes hair loss on the head now. Today, Stan always wears a toupee.

American Dad Movie

American Dad Movie

Facts about American Dad 5: the address

Can you guess of the address of this family? They live at 43 Cherry Street in Langley Falls.

Facts about American Dad 6: Francine

Who is Francine? She was the adoptive daughter of the Lings. They are the Chinese family. To get the First Class plane tickets, Francine was neglected by her biological parents.

American Dad Pic

American Dad Pic

Facts about American Dad 7: Steve

Roger the Alien was a book that Steve publishes. He decides to live in a mansion of his own and separates himself from his friends and family. Do you know that Steve’s breasts are growing bigger? It is due to the fact that he had performance enhancing drugs. Find facts about Adventure Time here.

Facts about American Dad 8: Roger

Roger is the Alien who lives with Stan’s family. He has been living on the family’s attic for almost four years. Stan saved his life when Roger almost died. He came from Area 51.

American Dad

American Dad

Facts about American Dad 9: Avery Bullock

Avery Bullock is the name of Stan’s boss. The voice of this character is taken by Sir Patrick Stewart.

Facts about American Dad 10: neighbors

Stan has a gay couple who lives next to his house. They are Greg Corbin and Terry Bates.

Facts about American Dad

Facts about American Dad

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