10 Facts about American Dream

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Facts about American Dream tell you about the important idea embedded at the heart of the people when they move to America. People still believe that they can enjoy happy, comfortable and successful in American through the hard work. Some people believe that American dream has dead, while others think that it still exists. Get more facts about American dream by reading the following post below:

Facts about American Dream 1: defining the American dream

People begin to redefine the American dream based on their point of view. Some people include the self fulfillment, freedom and meaningful relationships as parts of American dream.

Facts about American Dream 2: living the dream

Living the dream is an important term used for the people who have their own American dream. But many people are very skeptical about the American dream today due to the structure of the society. It prevents the people reach their American dream. Get facts about American culture here.

American Dream and Money

American Dream and Money

Facts about American Dream 3: the critics

The critics find out the American dream is not attainable for everyone with idealistic goal because of the inequality of religion, race, class and ethnicity.

Facts about American Dream 4: the origin of American dream

The origin of American dream was dated in 1600s. Actually it was older than US. It began when people developed their aspirations and hopes for a better life in new land. Get facts about American history here.

American Dream Facts

American Dream Facts

Facts about American Dream 5: the first focus of the dream

The people began to focus on reaching the American dream by having a prosperous business and owning a land.

Facts about American Dream 6: the idealistic American dream

The idealistic American dream was often the main subject written during the 1930s Great Depression.

American Dream

American Dream

Facts about American Dream 7: the unemployment rate

Today, people have difficulties to reach their American dream. There are 5.5 million American people who do not have any job based on the data of Wall Street Journal.

Facts about American Dream 8: the low income jobs

There are 41 percent of the people in United States end up in the low income jobs.

American dream family

American dream family

Facts about American Dream 9: the manufacturing jobs

The manufacturing jobs that united States have per month are reduced after China joined World Trade Organization in 2001. US lose at least 50,000 manufacturing jobs.

Facts about American Dream 10: gasoline

People have to pay $3.91 per gallon of gasoline in United States.

facts about American dream

facts about American dream

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