10 Facts about American Flag

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Facts about American Flag talk about the famous symbol of United States. The commemoration of the Stars and Stripes is held on 14 June every year. Do you know the date of birth of American flag? It was born on 14 June 1777. Here are some facts about American flag for you:

Facts about American Flag 1: The Second Continental Congress

A new American flag was authorized by the 2nd continental congress. The new flag was used to signify the new nation of US.

Facts about American Flag 2: Is it a federal holiday?

If you think that June 14 is a federal holiday, you are wrong. It is not included as a federal holiday but the citizens of United States want to prolong the tradition of commemorating and honoring the Stars and Stripes.

American Flag Facts

American Flag Facts

Facts about American Flag 3: the white stars

You can find 50 white stars on the American flag. They are used to represent the 50 states of America. The stars are selected for they can signify the hope, honor and achievement. They are also referred as the union. Get Alabama facts here.

Facts about American Flag 4: the Old Glory

The Old Glory is the 13 stripes on the American flags. These 13 stripes are used to mark the original 13 colonies of America.

American Flag Image

American Flag Image

Facts about American Flag 5: the nicknames of American flags

The American flag has several nicknames.  You can call it The Red, White, and Blue, the Stars and Stripes, The Stars Spangled Banner and the Old Glory.

Facts about American Flag 6: the colors

If you look at the color of the American flag, you can find three important colors. Those are red, white and blue.  You can also call these colors as the Old Glory Red, Old Glory Blue and white. They are used to represent CAUS or Color Association of United States.

American Flag Pictures

American Flag Pictures

Facts about American Flag 7: the ratio

The American flag is made in 1:5 ratio. For each five units wide, it has 1 unit tall. The width is called the Hoist. The length is called the Fly.

Facts about American Flag 8: the first American flag

The woman sewn the first American flag was Betsy Ross. This woman was born in 1752 and passed away on 1836. Her real name is Elizabeth Griscom Ross.

American Flag

American Flag

Facts about American Flag 9: Robert Heft

The designer of the updated American flag that we have today is Robert Heft.  His design of American flag has 50 stars. It was updated in 1958.

Facts about American Flag 10: a new state

When a new state incorporates into US, a star will be added in the American flag. Find out a state in US in Alaska facts.

Facts about American Flag

Facts about American Flag

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