10 Facts about American Food

Sunday, January 11th 2015. | Culinary

If you want to know more about America, you have to check out Facts about American Food.  There are many foods from America sold around the world. One of the famous drinks from America is Coca Cola. This brand can be found all over the world. Actually this popular drink was created as a medicinal drunk. If you are interested to get fun facts about food and drink in America, check out the following post below:

Facts about American Food 1: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most popular drink in the world. It was invented as a medical drunk in Atlanta, Georgia. On 8 may 1886, this product was sold for the first time in a Pharmacy store.

Facts about American Food 2: the most popular American food

Can you mention the most popular American foods in the world? They include pumpkin pie, doughnuts, jelly beans, fried chicken, hamburger and hot dogs. You can find them around the world. Find out facts about American burger here.

American Food Burger

American Food Burger

Facts about American Food 3: fast food restaurant

The growth of fast food restaurants is very surprising since the beginning of 1900s.  They are not only found in America, but also in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. Most fast food restaurants are originated from United States.

Facts about American Food 4: Orange

Orange is one of the biggest commodities in Florida. The production of orange in Florida is the biggest one in United States. It takes the second biggest producer of orange in the world after Brazil.

American Food Facts

American Food Facts

Facts about American Food 5: peanut

Another American food is made from peanut. The products of peanut jam are very high here.  The largest producer of peanut is Georgia. More than 40 percent of the US peanut market is supplied from the Georgia.

Facts about American Food 6: Ronald Reagan

Do you know the unique nickname of Ronald Reagan?  He was often called as the Jelly Bean Man. This famous president really loved jelly bean. During the presidential celebration in 1981, people were served with 3.5 tons of jelly beans.

American Food Hot Dog

American Food Hot Dog

Facts about American Food 7: coffee

The only state in US which produces and grows coffee is Hawaii.

Facts about American Food 8: American Thanksgiving

The annual festival in America is the American Thanksgiving. The sales of food are increased during the day.

American Food

American Food

Facts about American Food 9: turkeys

Turkeys are the main menu during the Thanksgiving celebration. It is estimated that 46 million turkeys ware eaten by the American people in that day.

Facts about American Food 10: grapes

The state of California is famous with the biggest producer of grapes in America.

Facts about American Food

Facts about American Food

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