10 Facts about American Imperialism

Monday, January 12th 2015. | History

If you want to know the influence of United States in other countries in term of culture, military and economy, you have to read the whole Facts about American Imperialism. This influence can be seen with the expansion on the area. If you are interested to know the imperialism of US, get the facts below:

Facts about American Imperialism 1: American Empire

The term American Empire was popular during the presidency of James K. Polk. There is no need to wonder he was leader in 1846 Mexican American war.

Facts about American Imperialism 2: California

United States took over the Californian and some parts of western territories after the Gadsden purchase and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This imperialism expanded the area of United States.

American Imperialism Facts

American Imperialism Facts

Facts about American Imperialism 3: the fall of Spanish empire

Do you know that Thomas Jefferson expected the fall of Spanish empire in 1790s. This man stated that when the Spanish empire fell, the population of United States gained it from the empire piece by piece.

Facts about American Imperialism 4: foreign territories

The United States had the right to intervene on some foreign territories such as Latin American and Hawaii when these territories were unstable in 19th century. This right was granted in unison of The Teller Amendment and the Platt Amendment.

American Imperialism Pic

American Imperialism Pic

Facts about American Imperialism 5: the political and military control

The political and military control of United States can be seen after the World War II.  In May, the military occupied Austria and Germany. In September 1945, the military of US occupied the areas of Korea and Japan.

Facts about American Imperialism 6: theories of the U.S. imperialism

If you are interested to know the theories of the U.S. imperialism, you have to look at the ideas of Journalist Ashley Smith. She identified the US imperialism into five categories. Those are the “Hardt-and-Negri-ite”, of “super-imperialism”, “Leninist”, “social-democratic” and “liberal” theories.

American Imperialism Image

American Imperialism Image

Facts about American Imperialism 7: John T. Flynn

John T. Flynn is another American journalist who talked about American imperialism. He divided the US imperialism in conservative and anti interventionist view.

Facts about American Imperialism 8: the support

One of the supporters of American imperialism is Alfred T. Mahan. In the 19th century, This man was the officer in US Navy.  If you check his book The Influence of Sea Power upon History published in 1890, he supported the imperialism of America to other countries.

American Imperialism

American Imperialism

Facts about American Imperialism 9:re-examination

People began to re-examine the American Imperialism after the invasion of America to Afghanistan in 2001. Get facts about Afghanistan here.

Facts about American Imperialism 10: critics

The American imperialism could not escape from the critics. They argue that the military and culture imperialism in America are interdependent.

Facts about American Imperialism

Facts about American Imperialism

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