10 Facts about American Slavery

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Facts about American Slavery tell you about the history of slavery in United States.  During the 18th and 19th century, the institution of slavery was legal in United States. There is no need to wonder that many black people from Africa were brought to US and became slaves. Here are some interesting facts about American slavery for you:

Facts about American Slavery 1: practice of slavery

If you think that slavery is a new product, you are wrong. Since the beginning of the colonial days, slavery has been practiced in the British North America. It was also recognized in the Declaration of Independence.

Facts about American Slavery 2: African descent

There were some free colored people presented when United States was established.  However, the status of slaves in United States was related to the race.  The African descent was considered as slaves.

American Slavery Facts

American Slavery Facts

Facts about American Slavery 3: Slavery in the southern states

Slavery grew rapidly in the southern states because the people needed cheap labor to expand the cotton industry which was flourished in 1800s.

Facts about American Slavery 4: the Northern States

The slaves were not considered important for the people in the northern states. Therefore, the abolitionist laws and sentiment grew in northern states after the revolutionary war.

American Slavery Image

American Slavery Image

Facts about American Slavery 5: the mason Dixon Line

The mason Dixon Line separated United States in two areas. Pennsylvania is for the free while Maryland is for the slaves.

Facts about American Slavery 6: slave trading

Since 1808, the slave trading was prohibited. However, the internal slave trading still continued in United States. The migration of slaves from Upper South to Deep South reached one million slaves.

American Slavery Pictures

American Slavery Pictures

Facts about American Slavery 7: the total slave

Can you tell me the total slave population in the South? The report states that it reached four million slaves before the abolition of slavery.

Facts about American Slavery 8: Abraham Lincoln

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the election in US. He stated that there would be no new slave states. Learn more about Abraham Lincoln facts.

American Slavery

American Slavery

Facts about American Slavery 9: the civil war

The South decided to form the confederacy. The members were the six states with the most slaves in US. It marked the beginning of the civil war between the confederate and union army. The union armies liberated the escaped slaves from the south. Get facts about American Civil War here.

Facts about American Slavery 10: the end of slavery

Fortunately, the war made the slavery ended even though the discrimination toward the African American people continued until the American civil right movement.

Facts about American Slavery

Facts about American Slavery

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