10 Facts about American Veterans

Wednesday, January 14th 2015. | Military

Facts about American Veterans present the information about the veterans who have served in US military. They include the US navy, army, marine corps, coast guard and air force. Most of them take part during the war. Find out more interesting facts about American veterans below:

Facts about American Veterans 1: the number of veterans in 2013

Can you estimate the number of the American veterans in 2013? It is estimated that there are 38,140 veterans who have served on the Korean war, World War II and Vietnam war. Find out facts about Afghanistan war here.

Facts about American Veterans 2: the female veterans

It is estimated that the number of the female veterans in US is more than 2 million veterans.

American Veteran Facts

American Veteran Facts

Facts about American Veterans 3: the veteran day

Each year on 11 November, the American people celebrate the Veteran Day. The Veteran Day is similar with the day at the end of World War I.

Facts about American Veterans 4: what people do in Veteran day?

Veteran day is one of the most important days in United States. People will pay tribute for the dead or living veterans. It is different with the Memorial Day. During the Memorial Day, we pay tribute only to the people who lost their life during the wars.

American Veteran Image

American Veteran Image

Facts about American Veterans 5: the veteran states

Let find out the top three veteran states in US. The first one is California. It is inhabited by 1.8 million veterans. Texas is on the second place with 1.7 million veterans. The last state is Florida with 1.5 million veterans.

Facts about American Veterans 6: the unemployment rate

Let’s find out the unemployment rate of American veterans after the tragedy of 9 11. It is around 6.2 percent.

American Veteran

American Veteran

Facts about American Veterans 7: the homeless population

Not all veterans in US have a great life. Based on the recent report, the veterans occupy 12 percent of the adult homeless population in United States.

Facts about American Veterans 8: the age of veterans

The number of the veterans at the age of 65 years or older is around 10 millions.

American Veterans Pic

American Veterans Pic

Facts about American Veterans 9: the homeless veteran

The substance abuse is the main problem faced by more than 70 percent of homeless veterans.  More than half of the veterans suffer the metal health. It can be PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, most veterans have issues to maintain the relationship with others. They are unable to maintain the job. Get facts about American health care here.

Facts about American Veterans 10: living on the street

There are some veterans who do not have any home living on the street.

Facts about American Veteran

Facts about American Veteran

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