10 Facts about Amethyst

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If you want to know the precious gemstone in the world, check out Facts about Amethyst. You will be informed with the definition, color, meaning and interesting features of amethyst. If you look at amethyst in the market, most of them are in purple color. Find out more ideas about amethyst below:

Facts about Amethyst 1: what is amethyst?

Have you known about amethyst before? This stone is a member of silicon dioxide or quartz family. This stone is mostly found in purple or violet color. But you can also find the bluish purple and reddish purple amethyst.

Facts about Amethyst 2: the birthstone

Amethyst is considered as the birthstone for Aquarius. It means that the people who were born in the month of February are related with amethyst. Actually if you do not like amethyst, you can choose other alternative stones for Aquarius such as Jasper and Garnet.

Amethyst  Facts

Amethyst Facts

Facts about Amethyst 3: the name

The name amethyst was taken from Greek. The meaning is remedy against drunkenness. The owner of amethyst will be protected from drunkenness.

Facts about Amethyst 4: the characters

There are several characters symbolized by amethyst. Those include peace, balance, stability, inner strength and courage.

Amethyst  Image

Amethyst Image

Facts about Amethyst 5: the color

As I have stated before, the color of amethyst can be in purple, bluish purple, reddish purple, and violet. The color of this stone is determined based on the absorption of wavelength of light.

Facts about Amethyst 6: wedding gift

If you are in the fourth or sixth anniversary and you are confused about the great wedding gift, you can present amethyst. It is a common wedding gift in the 4th and 6th years of marriage.

Amethyst  Pictures

Amethyst Pictures

Facts about Amethyst 7: the components of colors

There are three components of color that you can find on this stone. It consists of hue, tone and saturation. The saturation is seen on the ruby’s color. For example, you can differentiate the amethyst from the vivid, strong to dull saturation. The first impression when you see the color is called the hue. The darkness or lightness of amethyst is called the tone.

Facts about Amethyst 8: the crystal structure

Amethyst can be used as gemstone if it comes in pure crystal. It has hexagonal shape of crystal structure.

Facts about Amethyst

Facts about Amethyst

Facts about Amethyst 9: the grade

The grade of amethyst is determined by the carat weight, clarity, cut and color. Find out another gemstone in Amber facts.

Facts about Amethyst 10: giving birthstone jewelry

You can give amethyst as a birthday gift. Actually this tradition was originated hundreds of years ago.

Amethyst  Stone

Amethyst Stone

Are you satisfied with facts about amethyst?

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