10 Facts about AMH

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Facts about AMH discuss about the Anti Mullerian hormone. This hormone is visible to the damage on the Mullerian ducts. They are the female reproductive organs which can develop the male embryos. Today people have made a lot of discoveries and researches about AMH in the body. Get more facts about AMH below:

Facts about AMH 1: the AMH gene

The AMH made from protein coded by AMH gene. The name of this hormone is derived from the name of Johannes Peter Muller.

Facts about AMH 2: other names

The AMH or Anti Mullerian hormone has various names such as Anti-paramesonephric hormone (APH), Müllerian-inhibiting hormone (MIH), Müllerian inhibiting factor (MIF), and Müllerian-inhibiting substance (MIS).

AMH Facts

AMH Facts

Facts about AMH 3: the presence of AMH

AMH can be found in various species such as the placental mammals, marsupials, birds, reptiles, and fish.

Facts about AMH 4: the secretion

The secretion of AMH is in different location in male and female. The secretion of AMH is on the granulose cells of the ovarian follicles in females. In males, the secretion of AMH is from the Sertoli cells.



Facts about AMH 5: the structure

If you look at the structure of AMH, you can link it with the structures of activin and inhibin. The molar mass of AMH is 140 kDa.

Facts about AMH 6: preventions

The function of AMH inside the body of mammals is used for the prevention of the development of Mullerian ducts inside the uterus and other Mullerian structures.

AMH Pictures

AMH Pictures

Facts about AMH 7: the AMH Hormone

If the AMH hormone is not generated inside the gonads, the Mullerian ducts will be developed since the AMH is used to present the development. On the other hand, the Wolffian ducts will be automatically died if the Mullerian ducts develop. The Wollfian ducts are important for the male reproductive parts.

Facts about AMH 8: the amount of AMH

It is not easy to decide the amount of AMH on the people since it depends on the sex and age. You can measure the AMH level from blood test.



Facts about AMH 9: the women with cancer

The women with cancer have to follow the specific treatments such as the chemotherapy or radiation therapy. However, the risk of damaging the ovarian is very high. Therefore, a pre treatment of AMH should be conducted. Find out another medical condition in ALS facts.

Facts about AMH 10: aging

When you are older, the level of AMH inside the body will be decreased.

Facts about AMH

Facts about AMH

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