10 Facts about Amicalola Falls

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Facts about Amicalola Falls talk about the famous destination in Georgia.  The waterfall is situated between Ellujay and Dahlonega in Dawsonville, Georgia.  The park has the total area at 3.35 km square or 829 acre. Find out more facts about Amicalola Falls below:

Facts about Amicalola Falls 1: the name

The name of this state park is very unique.  The meaning of the word Amicalola is tumbling water. It was derived from the Cherokee language.

Facts about Amicalola Falls 2: the waterfall

Amicalola Fall is the famous waterfall in Georgia since it takes the record as the highest one in the state. The height of the waterfall is 222 meters or 729 feet. It is called as one of the Seven Natural Wonders in the state.

Amicalola Fall Facts

Amicalola Fall Facts

Facts about Amicalola Falls 3: the trail

If you want to enjoy the scenery in Amicalola Falls, you can go to the 13 km trail.   If you follow the trail, it will lead you to Springer Mountain.

Facts about Amicalola Falls 4: what to do in Amicalola Falls State Park?

There are many things that you can do when you visit Amicalola Falls State Park. you can enjoy the interesting restaurants, hiking trails, a shelter for the Appalachian trail hikers, a guests lodge, cabins, and campground.

Amicalola Fall Pictures

Amicalola Fall Pictures

Facts about Amicalola Falls 5: the famous waterfall

Before the 19th century, there was a little information about the waterfalls. The areas were controlled by the Cherokee tribe until 1832.  The Cherokee had to leave from the areas due to the Treaty of New Echota.

Facts about Amicalola Falls 6: the Trail of Tears

Do you still remember the Trail of Tears? It was a sad and miserable event for the native Indian people due to their relocation. The Cherokee was forced to move to Ozarks.

Amicalola Fall State Park

Amicalola Fall State Park

Facts about Amicalola Falls 7: the waterfall purchasing

In 1911, the Amicalola falls were purchased by Georgia. The state park was established around the area of the waterfalls because Georgia Appalachian Trail Club wanted the hikers to access the higher trail. Find out another great destination in Alton Tower facts.

Facts about Amicalola Falls 8: full time staff

It is very safe to access the Amicalola Falls. The park rangers are employed in full time position.

Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls

Facts about Amicalola Falls 9: the Len Foote Hike Inn

the Len Foote Hike Inn is accessible to Appalachian Trail hikers. You can enjoy an ecofriendly inn here.

Facts about Amicalola Falls 10: the owner of the inn

Len Foote Hike Inn is owned by a nonprofit organization. It is called Appalachian Educational Recreational Services, Inc.

Facts about Amicalola Fall State Park

Facts about Amicalola Fall State Park

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