10 Facts about Amun

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Let me show you the interesting information about a major deity in Egypt in Facts about Amun. Amun along with his spouse Amaunet has been confirmed since the Old Kingdom. Monthu was replaced by Amun as the patron deity of Thebes in 11th dynasty.  Here are other facts about Amun for you:

Facts about Amun 1: the importance of Amun

Amun gained the importance in Thebes after the reign of Ahmose I.  It is stated that Amun was incorporated with the Ra, the sun god. People know it as Amun-Ra.

Facts about Amun 2: The new kingdom

During the new kingdom, Amun-Ra was very important in the Egyptian Panthenon.  During the 16th to 11th centuries BC, Amun-Ra is called as the created deity. The poor and troubled people considered him as the champion. Find out an important pharaoh in Amenhotep III facts here.

Amun  Statue

Amun Statue

Facts about Amun 3: King of Gods

Amun-Ra is called as the King of Gods. The other Gods were considered as the manifestation of Amun-Ra during the view of virtual monotheism.  He took the record as the widely acceptable god in Egypt.

Facts about Amun 4: the popularity

Amun-Ra was a very popular good not only in Egypt but also in other regions outside Egypt such as ancient Nubia and Libya. In Ancient Egypt, Zeus was identified along with Amun as Zeus Ammon.

Amun Facts

Amun Facts

Facts about Amun 5: the Old Egyptian pyramid texts

The Old Egyptian pyramid texts mention Amun and Amaunet who established the 15 percent of ancient Ogdoad of Hermopolis. They reflected the concept of air.  Therefore, Amun was called as the wind deity.

Facts about Amun 6: the name Amun

The name Amun means hidden. In ancient Egypt, it was pronounced Amana and written Imn.  The ancient people believed that Amun created himself and established the neighboring areas.

Amun Images

Amun Images

Facts about Amun 7: the spouse

During the patron of Thebes, the spouse of Amun was Mut. Amun is called as the father, while Mut is the mother in Thebes. Konshu was the moon god who established Theban Triad or a divine family.

Facts about Amun 8: Temple at Karnak

Temple at Karnak was constructed in 20th century BC. This temple is used to mark him as the patron god of Thebes.

Amun Pic

Amun Pic

Facts about Amun 9: the pharaoh Akhenaten

Amenhotep IV changed his name into Akhenaten when he was a pharaoh. He wanted people to worship Aten since he did not like with the power of Amun’s temple. The power of Aten is seen on the sun disk.

Facts about Amun 10: monotheism

Akhenaten introduced monotheism by asking his people t worship Aten rather than worshipping Amun-Ra. Therefore, he established a new capital located far away from Thebes.

Facts about Amun

Facts about Amun

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