10 Facts about Amur Leopards

Friday, January 16th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Amur Leopards talk about the Panthera pardus orientalis. This wild animal is very rare in the world. Today, the people report that there are only 35 till 45 Amur leopards living in the world. This rarest feline is included in the severely endangered animal in the world. Check out more facts about Amur leopards below:

Facts about Amur Leopards 1: the reduction of species

Amur leopard’s population is reduced rapidly because of several reasons. The lost of praise, lost of habitat and poaching can be the main causes.

Facts about Amur Leopards 2: life span

Amur leopard can live around 17-20 years in captivity. Their predator is poaching. If they live in the wild, they can only live for 10 to 15 years.

Amur Leopard Image

Amur Leopard Image

Facts about Amur Leopards 3: food

The food that Amur leopards like to hunt includes sake deer, roe, badgers and hares. You can find them living in Siberia, Manchuria and Korea.

Facts about Amur Leopards 4: size

The female Amur leopard is smaller than the male leopard. The female has the weight around 60 to 130 pounds. The male Amur leopards have the weight around 80 to 198 pounds.

Amur Leopard Photo

Amur Leopard Photo

Facts about Amur Leopards 5: life cycle

The gestation period for the female Amur leopard is around 90 to 105 days. It can deliver 2-6 young per litter. The baby Amur leopard will be independent after it reaches the age of 18 to 24 months.

Facts about Amur Leopards 6: the body color

Let’s find out the body color of Amur leopard. It has cream colored coat. The rosette spot comes in black with tan color on the center. Since this wild animal lives in cold climate, you can see the long hair on the coat. It keeps the body warm during the cold season.

Amur Leopard Pic

Amur Leopard Pic

Facts about Amur Leopards 7: the running speed

The running speed of Amur leopard is very impressive. It can run at 37 miles per hour. When it does a leap, it can reach 19 feet in horizontal position and 10 feet for the vertical position.

Facts about Amur Leopards 8: a solitary animal

Amur leopard is a solitary animal. It lives alone.

Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard

Facts about Amur Leopards 9: the male and female Amur leopard

Some reports state that the male will stay with the female after the mating process. It will help the female to raise the baby Amur leopard. Get facts about Amur Tiger here.

Facts about Amur Leopards 10: nickname

The Amur leopard is famous with other nicknames. You can call it the Korean leopard, Manchurian leopard and Far East leopard.

Facts about Amur Leopards

Facts about Amur Leopards

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