10 Facts about Amur Tigers

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Facts about Amur Tigers present the interesting wild animal which has the Latin name Panthera Tigris altaica. Amur tiger has a lot of nicknames. You can call it the Ussuri, Manchurian, Siberian, Korean, North Chine or even Altaic tiger. Check out the following explanation if you want to know about this Amur tiger.

Facts about Amur Tigers 1: life span

If Amur tiger is raised in the captivity, it will live from 16 to 22 years or more. If it lives in the wild life, it can only live around 10 to 15 years.

Facts about Amur Tigers 2: the size of female Amur tiger

The female Amur tiger has smaller body compared to the male companion. The weight of female Amur tiger is around 200 till 350 pounds. It can reach the length at 8 feet.

Amur Tiger Facts

Amur Tiger Facts

Facts about Amur Tigers 3: the size of male Amur tiger

The male is very big. The body weight can reach 450 till 675 pounds. The length is around 8 till 10.5 feet which included the length of the tail.

Facts about Amur Tigers 4: the body color

Can you tell me the body color of Amur tiger? It has reddish brown or reddish orange color. You can find dark vertical stripes on the body.

Amur Tiger Pic

Amur Tiger Pic

Facts about Amur Tigers 5: habitat

Amur Tiger is a great survivor for it only needs food, water and shade to live on earth. They live in different types of climate.  Spot them in Amur River Valley.

Facts about Amur Tigers 6: range

The Amur River valley is located in Far East of Russia. The tigers live here. But you can also find them in Southern Russia and Northern China. As I have stated before Amur tigers are often called Siberian tiger because they live in Siberia too. However, the population of this tigers in Siberia is rapidly declined.

Amur Tiger Teeth

Amur Tiger Teeth

Facts about Amur Tigers 7: food

There are several types of food that Amur tigers like to eat. Those are wild cattle, antelope, deer, and wild pigs. They hunt the prey when the dark night comes.

Facts about Amur Tigers 8: the sexual maturity

The female Amur tigers enjoy the sexual maturity at the age of three. The males are mature at the age of four. Check out another animal in alpacas facts.

Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger

Facts about Amur Tigers 9: the gestation period

The gestation period for the females to give birth a baby Amur tiger is 103 days. When a male finds a mate, the copulation will be conducted for 5 years.

Facts about Amur Tigers 10: the stripes

Amur tigers have unique stripes. Even though they look similar, actually the stripes are different just like human fingerprints.

Facts about Amur Tigers

Facts about Amur Tigers

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