10 Facts about Amusement Parks

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Facts about Amusement Parks elaborate the details about the funfair in the world. People in all ages like to visit the amusement parks because they can enjoy various kinds of events, rides, attractions and entertainment. You can go with family and friends to the famous amusement parks in your town. The features of each amusement park are different. Find out more amusement park facts below:

Facts about Amusement Parks 1: Disneyland

You can find multiple themed parks in Disneyland.  The location is in Anaheim, California.   The concept is this park is by gathering different kinds of themes on the park.

Facts about Amusement Parks 2: the oldest amusement park in the world

The record of the oldest amusement park in the world is located at Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen. In 1583, the Bakken was established.

Amusement Park Photo

Amusement Park Photo

Facts about Amusement Parks 3: Vauxhall Gardens

Vauxhall Gardens is one of the earliest pleasure gardens in the world.  In 1661, the pleasure garden included the amusement park was established in London.

Facts about Amusement Parks 4: the seaside pleasure resort

If you look at the modern amusement parks, most of them are incorporated with seaside pleasure resort. You can go to Coney Island in United States and Blackpool in England.

Amusement Parks and Pool

Amusement Parks and Pool

Facts about Amusement Parks 5: different styles of themed amusement parks

Today, people are served with different kinds of amusement parks.   If you want a simple themed park used to serve the children, you can go to Legoland. If you want to have a smaller and medium sized theme parks, Cedar Fair Parks and Six Flags Parks are great.

Facts about Amusement Parks 6: the shopping malls

To increase the number of the visitors, there are several shopping malls which feature themed parks. You can go to Mall of America, West Edmonton Mall, and Pier 39.

Amusement Parks at Night

Amusement Parks at Night

Facts about Amusement Parks 7: miniature golf courses

The miniature golf courses are infused inside the family fun park too. The visitors are allowed to enjoy go-karts, battling cages, and water slide.

Facts about Amusement Parks 8: Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company was the winner in the industry in US in 2008.  In that year, the park was visited by 50 million people each year.

Amusement Parks Rides

Amusement Parks Rides

Facts about Amusement Parks 9: educational theme park

If you want to take your children into an education themed park, you can go to France and visit Puy du Fou. It is a historical themed park. Get facts about acrobats here.

Facts about Amusement Parks 10: Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is a theme park for those who want to learn about this pre historic animal. This theme park is built in natural setting.

Facts about Amusement Parks

Facts about Amusement Parks

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