10 Facts about Amy Beach

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Facts about Amy Beach talk about one of the leading composers in New England School. She was called as the first major American composer. You need to see her playing the piano. It was very impressive. She had created various songs during her life. But you can also see her works on the chamber, orchestral and choral music. Let’s find out more facts about Amy Beach below:

Facts about Amy Beach 1: date of birth

Amy Beach was born on 5 September 1867 in Henniker, New Hampshire. She passed away on 27 December 1944 in New York City. She was famous as a piano a virtuoso. Her full name is Amy Marcy Cheney Beach.

Facts about Amy Beach 2: types of composition

Let’s find out her type of composition. She often composed songs for voice, keyboard and piano. She also wrote an opera with the title Cabildo.

Amy Beach Facts

Amy Beach Facts

Facts about Amy Beach 3: Clara Imogene Marcy Cheney

Clara Imogene Marcy Cheney is the mother of Amy Beach. She influenced the young Amy to learn more about music. At the age of six, Amy was taught by his mother to play piano.

Facts about Amy Beach 4: a self taught artist

Actually Amy Beach was a self taught artist even though she also studied with the fine teachers such as Junuis W Hill, Carl Baermann and Ernest Perabo.

Amy Beach Image

Amy Beach Image

Facts about Amy Beach 5: musical child

The young Amy Beach was a talented musician. She had a great talent. She could compose music and made in on the piano. She also read four parts of hymns when she was four years old.

Facts about Amy Beach 6: Boston Symphony Orchestra

Beach’s musical debut was with Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1885. She was only 16 at that time. Get facts about ambient music here.

Amy Beach Musician

Amy Beach Musician

Facts about Amy Beach 7: marriage

When she was 18 years old, she married Henry Harris Aubrey Beach. The age gap between the couple was 25 years. Her husband wanted her to limit the public performance. However, she decided to publish her works with the credit Mrs. H.H.A. Beach.

Facts about Amy Beach 8: death of her husband

In 1910, her husband passed away. She decided to restore her career music again. She used the name Amy Beach and came back to the musical world. She gained a lot of success.

Amy Beach Photo

Amy Beach Photo

Facts about Amy Beach 9: traveling

His husband died in 1910, while his mother died in 1911.  She lost two important persons in her life. She decided to travel to Europe and performed her worked.

Facts about Amy Beach 10: the famous compositions

The famous compositions of Amy Beach include “The Song of Welcome,” “Gaelic Symphony,” “The Hermit Thrush at Morn,” ,” “Dreaming,” and “The Chambered Nautilus,”.

Facts about Amy Beach

Facts about Amy Beach

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