10 Facts about Amy Dudley

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Facts about Amy Dudley talk about the first wife of Lord Robert Dudley. When talking about the Amy Dudley, people always remember her death. She fell down from the strairs which made her died. This accident was very suspicious. Find out more facts about Amy Dudley by reading the following post below:

Facts about Amy Dudley 1: date of birth

Amy Dudley was born on 7 June 1532. She passed away after falling down from the stairs on 8 September 1560. She was the first wide of Lord Robert Dudley who was famous as the favorite of Elizabeth I of England. Her surname before she married to Dudley was Robsart.

Facts about Amy Dudley 2: the early life

His father was a substantial Norfolk gentleman. She was the only child in the family.  She married Robert Dudley at the age of 18 years old. Robert Dudley was the son of the first Duke of Northumberland, John Dudley.

Amy Dudley Book

Amy Dudley Book

Facts about Amy Dudley 3: death

Amy was allowed to visit Robert Dudley when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Actually Robert Dudley was condemned to death in 1553.

Facts about Amy Dudley 4: the release

Robert and Amy Dudley lived in strait financial condition after he was released. But he was selected as the master of horse in the court office after the succession of Elizabeth I.

Amy Dudley Death

Amy Dudley Death

Facts about Amy Dudley 5: falling in love

People assumed that Queen Elizabeth I fell in love with Robert Dudley. Amy Dudley was not in the court because she was ill.  Therefore, the people assume that the queen probably would marry Robert Dudley if the wife died. But the queen did not act like the common expectation since she was single for the rest of her life.

Facts about Amy Dudley 6: place of living

Since Amy Dudley decided not to live with her husband, she lived in different parts of the country with her friends. She rarely saw Robert and had her own household. Find out another important figure in Alexander II facts.

Amy Dudley Pic

Amy Dudley Pic

Facts about Amy Dudley 7: the death of Amy Dudley

Amy Dudley sent her servants away from house at Cumnor Place near Oxford in the morning of September 8, 1560. Then people were surprised since she was found lying on the floor and died at the foot of stairs. There were two wounds on her head and her neck was broken.

Facts about Amy Dudley 8: jury of the coroner

The Jury of coroner said that Amy Dudley died because of a fall downstairs. The misfortune accidental death was written was the final verdict.

Amy Dudley

Amy Dudley

Facts about Amy Dudley 9: the scandal

The death of Amy Dudley caused scandal in England. Even though her wife died, Robert and Elizabeth never married because the queen did not want to ruin her reputation. However, he was still her favorite.

Facts about Amy Dudley 10: controversies

When seeing the death of Amy Dudley, people began to establish their own plot and ideas. Some people consider it as a murder; while other thinks it might be a suicide or accident.

Facts about Amy Dudley

Facts about Amy Dudley

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