10 Facts about Amy Johnson

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Facts about Amy Johnson give the ideas about the famous English aviator. There are many solo long distance flying records. But she also flew with Jim Mollison, her husband. Her death was very tragic since her body was never recovered after she passed away in a ferry flight. It was during the Second World War when she was a part of the Air Transport Auxiliary. Here are the interesting facts about Amy Johnson for you:

Facts about Amy Johnson 1: date of birth

Amy Johnson was born in Kingston, East Riding of Yorkshire. For her early education, she went to Boulevard Municipal Secondary School. Later, it is called as Kingston High School. After her graduation, she went to University of Sheffield. She got a bachelor arts degree in economics from the university.

Facts about Amy Johnson 2: a job

After getting the bachelor degree, she became the secretary of William Charles Crocker, a solicitor in London.

Amy Johnson Facts

Amy Johnson Facts

Facts about Amy Johnson 3: hobby

Flying a plane was her hobby.  On 6 July 1929, she got her pilot A Licence no. 1979. Captain Valentine Baker guided her during the flight at London Aeroplane Club. In 1929, she also got a C licence for a ground engineer.

Facts about Amy Johnson 4: buying an aircraft

Buying an aircraft is not easy for Amy Johnson since it was very expensive. But her father was very supportive toward her hobby as a pilot. He offered her to buy an aircraft. She chose the second hand de Havilland Dh.60 Gipsy Moth. She called this aircraft Jason. It was taken from the name of her father’s business trademark. Amy got the money to buy this aircraft from the help of his father and Lord Wakefield.

Amy Johnson Images

Amy Johnson Images

Facts about Amy Johnson 5: the recognition

In 1930, she got the international critical acclaim when she became the first female pilot who flew solo to Australia from England.

Facts about Amy Johnson 6: from London to Darwin

Her first flight from England to Australia was with her Jason. On 5 May, she took off from Croydon, south of London. On 14 May, she arrived in Darwin, Northern Territory.  She had the journey of 18,000 km or 11,000 miles. It reminds me with another famous pilot, Amelia Earhart. Get facts about Amelia Earhart here.

Amy Johnson Pic

Amy Johnson Pic

Facts about Amy Johnson 7: Science Museum in London

If you are interested to know the aircraft that she used on her first flight, you can check it at Science Museum in London.

Facts about Amy Johnson 8: achievement

Amy got a CBE in recognition and a Harmon trophy for her record.

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Facts about Amy Johnson 9: marriage

Jim Mollison was a Scottish pilot who became his husband in 1932. He proposed her only 8 hours after they had met on a flight together.

Facts about Amy Johnson 10: aircraft crash

Her aircraft crashed in Tames Estuary and she came down with her parachute. Since the water condition was poor with cold snow and strong tide, her body was never found.

Facts about Amy Johnson

Facts about Amy Johnson

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