10 Facts about Anabolic Steroids

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Facts about Anabolic Steroids tell you about the drugs which replicate the human sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The drugs are often taken illegally by people.  The main reason for the people to abuse the drug is because of the physical appearance. They want to change the physical appearance. That’s why they think that anabolic steroid can help them. Let’s find out more facts about anabolic steroid here.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 1: prescribed by the doctor

If you use the drug without the prescription from the doctor, you use it illegally.  You abuse the drug since you choose the self prescribed the anabolic steroid. The doctor can prescribe the drug if the patients have AIDS, cancer or delayed puberty.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 2: the teenage girls

The teenage girls abuse the anabolic steroid because they want to change the body shape.

Anabolic Steroid Pic

Anabolic Steroid Pic

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 3: the side effect for girls

You have to be careful with the side effect if you consume anabolic steroid.  The teenage girls can experience breast shrinking, male pattern of baldness, deepened voice, menstrual cycle and detrimental changes.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 4: the common side effect

The common side effects experienced by the abusers of anabolic steroid are the manic behavior, irritability, mood swing, lack of judgment and insomnia.

Anabolic Steroid Pills

Anabolic Steroid Pills

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 5: the intake of anabolic steroid

The intake of anabolic steroid is ranging from 10 to 100 times more than the prescribed intake from the doctor.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 6: the side effect of anabolic steroid for men

The men who take anabolic steroid often face hair loss, breast growth, shrinking of testicles, having higher risk of testicular cancer and infertility.

Anabolic Steroid

Anabolic Steroid

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 7: the one way steroid

Some people often take the injected steroid. This drug will be injected directly to the muscle. Besides experiencing the side effects, the abusers also have higher risk of HIV AIDS if the syringe is not sterile. Get Adderall facts here.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 8: addictive drugs

The anabolic steroid is an addictive drug. When the abusers of the drugs discontinue the intake suddenly, it can drive them into depression.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 9: the usage of anabolic steroid

The usage of anabolic steroid has been increased from time to time. The report states that 2 percent of high school seniors admitted to try anabolic steroid in 2010. In 2013, 2.1 percent of high school students had used with the drugs. Find out advil facts here.

Facts about Anabolic Steroids 10: the athlete

There are some athletes who miss-use the anabolic steroid to increase the performance on the field.

Facts about  Anabolic Steroids

Facts about Anabolic Steroids

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