10 Facts about Anasazi

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Facts about Anasazi elaborate the ancestors of the modern day Pueblo people of New Mexico and Arizona. The term Anasazi is viewed by the contemporary Pueblo people as an ethnic slur. Based on the Navajo language, the word Anasazi is translated as ancient enemy. Here are the interesting facts about Anasazi for you:

Facts about Anasazi 1: the archaeological findings

People can find out the detail information about the Anasazi from the archeological findings which include their clothing, craft work, and home. Some of them were made in 1800 years ago.

Facts about Anasazi 2: the regions

The Anasazi people lived in the Four Corners Regions of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. They lived in the regions around AD 1 to 1300.

Anasazi Facts

Anasazi Facts

Facts about Anasazi 3: the non permanent settlement

The Anasazi were the non permanent settlers before they lived in four regions of Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.  They were hunter gatherers and farmers for 6,000 years.

Facts about Anasazi 4: planting the crops

When they want to plant the crops well, they have to make the astronomical observations which enable them to determine the winter and summer seasons. It will be helpful to determine the right time for them to plant crops.

Anasazi Mystery

Anasazi Mystery

Facts about Anasazi 5: the type of crops

The type of crops planted by the people includes squash, beans, and corns. The dogs and wild turkeys were domesticated by the Anasazi.   The plants such as pinyon nuts, amaranth, sunflower seeds, Indian rice grass and tansy mustard seeds were gathered by these people.

Facts about Anasazi 6: the house

The house of the Anasazi was warm during the cold seasons because they used the hot stones to get the heat.  They lived inside the mud story cliff dwelling or a pit houses. The house is often equipped with a pit dug. The Anasazi used it for the storing area. Get facts about American culture here.

Anasazi Ruins

Anasazi Ruins

Facts about Anasazi 7: potters

The Anasazi was very famous as potters. They made ceramic items, mugs, ladles and bowls.  The baskets were made from the fibers.

Facts about Anasazi 8: clothing

Let’s talk about the clothing of the Anasazi.  The robe was made from turkey feather. The clothes were made from fur.  They also wore sandals created from fibers.



Facts about Anasazi 9: Disappearance

In 1300, the Anasazi left the four Corner Regions. The historians did not know the reason. But they speculate that it was due to the drought in the area. If you like to learn about culture, get facts about Amazon tribes here.

Facts about Anasazi 10: Relocation

The people also believed that the Anasazi relocated to southwestern Colorado, northern Arizona and southern Utah.

Facts about Anasazi

Facts about Anasazi

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