10 Facts about Ancient Africa

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Facts about Ancient Africa tell you about the ancient civilization in Africa. If we talk about Africa, we will know the rich history of culture in this continent through the discovery of many archeological items. Don’t forget to check out the ancient cave paintings which tell you a lot of their custom, history and culture. Here are the detail facts about ancient Africa:

Facts about Ancient Africa 1: the great civilization

Africa is the home to some great civilizations. Many of them rose and fell throughout the African history. The famous one that can be associated with the ancient Africa is the pharaoh and their pyramids.

Facts about Ancient Africa 2: the important civilization

The Egyptian kingdom is one of the important civilizations in Africa. Actually there are many other civilizations here such as the Mali Empire, Kingdom of Ghana, Songhai Empire, Central African Kingdoms, Ancient Carthage, Kush, and Kingdom of Aksum.

Ancient Africa Facts

Ancient Africa Facts

Facts about Ancient Africa 3: the culture

If we talk about the culture in Africa, it is a very complex because the culture depends on the region. The people who lived in rainforest of Central Africa, Saharan Desert of North African and the savanna of West African had their own culture.

Facts about Ancient Africa 4: the aspects of culture

There are several aspects of culture which shape the ancient Africa. Griot is the story telling which passed orally to the next generation.

Ancient Africa Map

Ancient Africa Map

Facts about Ancient Africa 5: The geography

The geography in ancient Africa shaped the economy, culture and civilization of the ancient Africa.  When the people lived near the seashore, they often had salt as the main commodity.

Facts about Ancient Africa 6: the people in ancient Africa

There were many people who developed in ancient Africa such as the Bantu of Central and South Africa, the Nok of Nigeria, the Berbers of North Africa, and the Bambuti of the central rainforest. Get facts about ancient Egypt here.

Ancient Africa Pictures

Ancient Africa Pictures

Facts about Ancient Africa 7: pharaoh

There are many pharaohs in ancient Egypt. If you want to know the pharaoh who worshiped Aten, check out Akhenaten or Amenhotep IV. Learn more on facts about Akhenaten.

Facts about Ancient Africa 8: Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire is also a part of the ancient Africa. The empire was situated in Western Africa on the south of Saharan Desert.

Ancient Africa Style

Ancient Africa Style

Facts about Ancient Africa 9: the city of Gao

The city of Gao was the capital city Songhai Empire. In the present day, the city is located at the back of Niger River in modern day Mali.

Facts about Ancient Africa 10: the reign

Songhai Empire was on the reign in 1464 until 1591. Actually it was under the reign of Mali Empire before 1400s.

Facts about Ancient Africa

Facts about Ancient Africa

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