10 Facts about Ancient Alexandria

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Facts about Ancient Alexandria talk about the famous city in Egypt. It was established by Alexander the Great. The original city of Alexandria was established near Rhakotis. The city was mapped by Alexander The Great and Dinocrates, his architect. Find out more facts about ancient Alexandria below:

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 1: the center of Hellenistic civilization

In the ancient time, Alexandria was called as the center of Hellenistic civilization. It was the most powerful capital city in Hellenistic and Roman & Byzantine Egypt for 1000 years. The reign of Alexandria as a capital city broke down after the Muslim established a new capital city called Fustat. Later it was included in Cairo after they conquered Egypt in AD 641.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 2: Pharos

Pharos is the name of the famous lighthouse of Alexandria. It is included in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Ancient Alexandria Map

Ancient Alexandria Map

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 3: other interesting features in the city

Alexandria is also famous with the Necropolis. It is included in the list of Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages. The largest library in the ancient world also sits here. It is called Great Library.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 4: the second most powerful city

Alexandria is not the first powerful city in the ancient world. It took the second place. The first one is taken by Rome.

Ancient Alexandria Photo

Ancient Alexandria Photo

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 5: the interior of building Alexandria

Besides making Alexandria as the Hellenistic center in Egypt, Alexander the Great had built this city to surpass Naucratis. It was also used to link the rick Nile Valley and Greece. Get facts about Alexander The Great here.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 6: the island  around Alexandria

The people saw some islands and marshland on the east of Alexandria. Today it is called as Abu Qir Bay.

Ancient Alexandria

Ancient Alexandria

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 7: port cities

There were two port cities established in Alexandria as early as 7th century. Those were Canopus and Heracleion.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 8: the Jewish

The largest urban Jewish community located in Alexandria. Other ethnicity  in the city include the Egyptian and Greek. Find out ancient Egypt facts here.

Images of Ancient Alexandria

Images of Ancient Alexandria

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 9: Kitos War

During the Kitos War, there were many parts of the city damaged and destroyed in AD 115. But this war gave the Hadrian and Decriannus to redesign and rebuild this excellent city.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria 10: hot desert climate

The climate is Alexandria is hot desert climate. But the hot climate is not severe compared to other cities in Egypt.

Facts about Ancient Alexandria

Facts about Ancient Alexandria

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