10 Facts about Ancient Aztecs

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Facts about Ancient Aztecs tell you about the culture, clothing, way or living and gods of the Aztec.  This tribe is often depicted in some movies, novels and other books. If you are interested to know more about this empire, let’s see the following post below:

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 1: Aztec mythology

Aztec mythology is often performed in a form of an act. Therefore, some people were selected to imitate the gods during the act.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 2: the largest festival

Can you guess the largest festival in ancient Aztecs? It was Xiuhmolpilli. The festival was celebrated to avoid the end of the world. It was held in every 52 years.

Ancient Aztecs People

Ancient Aztecs People

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 3: the calendar

The calendar of Aztecs is the important part of their culture. It means a lot for it determines the festivals and ceremonies.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 4: captives

The captives of the ancient Aztecs will be sacrificed in the ceremonies. Their main reason to go for a war was to capture the people for the sacrifice.

Ancient Aztecs People

Ancient Aztecs People

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 5: the life of the people

The common people in Aztecs had to work hard to stay survive. On the other hand, the rich and high class people can enjoy the luxurious life without having to work hard. Find out Anasazi facts here.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 6: the husband

Let’s find out the role of the husband in the family. In order to support the family, the husband had to take the job outside the house. Most of them worked as a craftsman, warrior or a farmer.

Ancient Aztecs Sacrifice

Ancient Aztecs Sacrifice

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 7: the wife

The wife had to stay at home. They weaved the clothes for the family and cooked food. The children went to school.  Then they would help the family to do the job at home.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 8: the house

The poor people only lived in two or one room hut. The palm leaves were used as the roof.  Some of them had their own garden that they used to grow the vegetables and flowers.

Ancient Aztecs

Ancient Aztecs

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 9: the house for the rich people

The king of Aztecs lived in a big palace with beautiful gardens and many rooms. The houses of the rich people were made from sun dried brick or stone. They had individual bathing room which was functioned as a sauna or steam room. Find out another culture in African culture facts.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs 10: food

The main food for the ancient Aztecs was maize. To make the tortillas, they will ground the maize into flour.

Facts about Ancient Aztecs

Facts about Ancient Aztecs

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