10 Facts about Ancient Babylon

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Facts about Ancient Babylon talk about the city of Babylon. The location of this city was in the Southern Mesopotamia. It was located near the Persian Gulf. The location of this city was very unique. You can find out huge walls around the city. Probably they were used for protections. Find out more interesting facts about ancient Babylon below:

Facts about Ancient Babylon 1: the center of the surrounding area

The city was equipped with a 300 foot tall Ziggurat as the center of the wall. But you can find a lot of canals for the irrigation and also fields around the city of Babylon.

Facts about Ancient Babylon 2: Procession Avenue

Procession Avenue was a stone road that the visitors should pass before they came inside the city of Babylon. Then they had to pass a massive arched gate with dragon and bull decoration. It was called Ishtar gate.

Ancient Babylon Facts

Ancient Babylon Facts

Facts about Ancient Babylon 3: a crowded city

You will be impressed to find out that the city of Babylon was a crowded city once you passed the wall. The farmers lived here as well as the food vendors, craftsmen and merchants.

Facts about Ancient Babylon 4: the narrow street

The street inside the city of Babylon was very narrow. It was often located on the side of three story houses owned by the citizens.

Ancient Babylon Map

Ancient Babylon Map

Facts about Ancient Babylon 5: the important city

During the ancient Mesopotamia, it was created in 2300 BC during the Akkadian empire. In 1894, the First Amorite Babylonian Dynasty gave the city the independence as a small city state. Learn more on Akkadian facts here.

Facts about Ancient Babylon 6: domination

Babylon was under the reign of Assyrian, Kassite and Elamite after the death of Hammurabi. It became the capital of Neo Babylonian Empire after the Assyrian destroyed and restored the city in 609 till 539 BC.

Ancient Babylon Pic

Ancient Babylon Pic

Facts about Ancient Babylon 7: The Hanging Gardens

When we talk about ancient Babylon, we should talk about the Hanging Gardens. Due to the magnificent beauty, it was included as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Facts about Ancient Babylon 8: the largest city

Babylon took the world’s record as the largest city   in 1770 till 1670 BC. It took the record again in 612 until 320 BC.

Ancient Babylon Ruins

Ancient Babylon Ruins

Facts about Ancient Babylon 9: the ruins of the city

If you are interested to check out the ruins of the city, you can go to Hillah, Babil Governorate, Iraq. The site is located around 53 miles or 85 km from the south of Baghdad. You will be a bit surprised since you will only see broken mud brick building with a lot of debris and dust.

Facts about Ancient Babylon 10: The First Babylonian Dynasty

Sumu-abum created the first Babylonian dynasty in 1894 BC. He was an Amorite Chieftain.

Facts about Ancient Babylon

Facts about Ancient Babylon

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