10 Facts about Ancient China

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Facts about Ancient China talk about the oldest civilization in the world. The history of ancient China is dated back thousand years ago. People believe that the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization is located in Yangtze River.  Get more ideas about ancient China below:

Facts about Ancient China 1: the first period of ancient China

Let’s talk about the first period of ancient China. It started in Neolithic period. There are several dynasties which controlled China. They were Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty, Zhou dynasty and Western Zhou and others.

Facts about Ancient China 2: The Xia Dynasty

Yu the Great was the founder of The Xia Dynasty. It controlled China in 21st until 17th century BC. Then it was followed by Shang dynasty which controlled China in 17th century BC until 1046 BC. The founder of Shang dynasty is Tang.  The area that this dynasty had was along the Yellow River.

Ancient China Writing

Ancient China Writing

Facts about Ancient China 3: The Zhou Dynasty

The longest ruling dynasty in China is The Zhou Dynasty.  The reign occurred in 1046 until 256 BC. King Wu founded the Western Zhou as a part of Zhou Dynasty. It ruled in 1046 until 771 BC. The second part of Zhou dynasty was the eastern Zhou. The reign was from 770 till 256 BC. Find out another old power in ancient Athens.

Facts about Ancient China 4: the most famous Homo erectus

When we talk about the ancient China, we should never forget to take a look at the famous Homo erectus specimen of Paleolithic man. People call it the Peking man. The discovery of this ancient Chinese man was in 1923-1927.

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

Facts about Ancient China 5: Puyi

Puyi is the name of the last emperor in China. He became the king at early age. He was only three years old when he got this power.

Facts about Ancient China 6: chopsticks

Chopsticks are used by the Chinese people when they want to eat food. Do you know that this utensil has been used by the Chinese people to eat food for more than 4,000 years?

Ancient Chinese Emperor

Ancient Chinese Emperor

Facts about Ancient China 7: dragon

If you look at the clothes of the Chinese kings and their buildings, you find the images of dragon. It is used to symbolize the good luck, power and strength.

Facts about Ancient China 8: Chang Dynasty

During the Chang Dynasty, the Great Wall of China was built. Tsu was the emperor in the dynasty. Today, it is one of the main attractions in China.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Facts about Ancient China 9: drinking tea

The first people to drink tea are the Chinese people. They drink it because of the medicinal effect. Find out the treatment in traditional China in Acupuncture facts.

Facts about Ancient China 10: the Oracle Bone Calendar

The Oracle Bone Calendar was dated back in 1200 BC. It is called as the first known calendar in China.

Facts about Ancient China

Facts about Ancient China

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