10 Facts about Ancient Civilization

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Let’s talk facts about ancient civilization if you are interested to know the civilization of the Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman people. You can see the legacy of ancient civilization in the world by seeing the Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens and many more. Find out the details of ancient civilization below:

Facts about Ancient Civilization 1: The Nile River

The Nile River is the origin of the old Egyptian civilization. The ancient farmers in Egypt lived around the banks of the Nile River. The river is the source of water that could be used to irrigate the farm.

Facts about Ancient Civilization 2: The Egyptians kings

Call the Egyptian king as the pharaoh. They ruled Egypt. When they died, they will be buried inside pyramids. If you want to know the famous pyramids in Egypt, you can go to Great Pyramid at Giza.

Ancient Civilization Map

Ancient Civilization Map

Facts about Ancient Civilization 3: the society in Egyptian

There were three classes of Egyptian society. The top one was the pharaoh and the family. The nobility which included the high ranking government officials and priests were in the second class. The third one included the craftsmen and farmers. Get facts about ancient Africa here.

Facts about Ancient Civilization 4: the Roman civilization

The establishment of Roman civilization was dated back in 753 BC. The settlement was on a hill town neat Tiber River.

Ancient Civilization Pic

Ancient Civilization Pic

Facts about Ancient Civilization 5: the name of Rome

The name of Rome was linked with a local legend. It is stated that there was a fight between two brothers, Romulus and Remus. Since Romulus was the winner, he used the name to establish Rome.

Facts about Ancient Civilization 6: two classes in Rome

The Roman civilization is divided in two classes. The high class people included the big landlords and the aristocracies. They were called the patricians class. The plebian class included the artisans, farmers and workers.

Ancient Civilization Ruins

Ancient Civilization Ruins


Facts about Ancient Civilization 7: the Greek civilization

The Greek civilization was dated back 4,000 years ago. The ancient Greek did not live only in Greece but also in other countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey.

Facts about Ancient Civilization 8: unique civilization

The City States were included in the Greek civilization. Even though each state was ruled by different king or ruler, they shared the similar culture, religion and language. Hellenic is the common culture in the City States.

Ancient Civilization

Ancient Civilization

Facts about Ancient Civilization 9: the famous cities

The famous cities in ancient Greece civilization include Athens, Macedonia and Sparta. Check out ancient Athens facts here.

Facts about Ancient Civilization 10: Mount Olympus

The ancient people believed that Mount Olympus in Greece was the home to Gods.

Facts about Ancient Civilization

Facts about Ancient Civilization

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