10 Facts about Ancient Corinth

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If you are interested about history, check the interesting Facts about Ancient Corinth. The location of the old city was halfway between Sparta and Athens. It was a polis or city state. Now the city is only an ancient ruin after it was destroyed by the earthquake. The people built the modern city of Corinth located 3.1 miles or 5 km northeast of the ancient site. Let find out other interesting facts about Ancient Corinth below:

Facts about Ancient Corinth 1: the American School of Classical Studies

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens applied systematic archeological investigations on the Corinth Excavations since 1896. The large parts of the ancient city could be revealed due to the study.

Facts about Ancient Corinth 2: Greek Ministry of Culture

Greek Ministry of Culture conducted the current excavations on the ancient Corinth site. Therefore, the people begin to recognize the importance of antiquity of Ancient Corinth.

Ancient Corinth Facts

Ancient Corinth Facts

Facts about Ancient Corinth 3: Christians and ancient Corinth

There were two letters of Saint Paul about Ancient Corinth which made the Christians know about the city. The letters were First Corinthians and Second Corinthians. Both were included in the New Testament. Another book about Corinth is seen on Pausanias’ Description of Greece.

Facts about Ancient Corinth 4: is Ancient Corinth important?

If you think that Ancient Corinth is not important, you are wrong.  In Greece, it was considered as one of the biggest cities. In 400 BC, it was inhabited by 90,000 people.

Facts about Ancient Corinth

Facts about Ancient Corinth

Facts about Ancient Corinth 5: the destruction of Ancient Corinth

In 146 BC, Ancient Corinth was destroyed totally. In 44 BC, it was rebuilt by the Romans. Due to the importance of the new city, it served as the provincial capital of Greece.

Facts about Ancient Corinth 6: the occupation of Ancient Corinth

It is believed that Ancient Corinth had been occupied by people since 6, 5000 BC. It was based on the discovery of the Neolithic pottery. During the early Bronze Age, it was occupied too.

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth

Facts about Ancient Corinth 7: who founded the city?

Corinthos established Ancient Corinth based on the Hellenic myth. He was a descendant of Helios. Another myth stated that it was founded by the daughter of Titan Oceanus, goddess Ephyra. Get facts about ancient Sparta here.

Facts about Ancient Corinth 8: Corinthians and Trojan War

If you look at the history of Trojan War, the Corinthians took part under the Agamemnon’s leadership.

Ancient Corinth Pic

Ancient Corinth Pic

Facts about Ancient Corinth 9: Ancient Corinth under the tyrants

The first tyrant ruled in Ancient Corinth was Cypselus or Kypselos. Get facts about ancient Rome here.

Facts about Ancient Corinth 10: Bacchiad aristocracy

Cypselus ruled the ancient Corinth for three decades after he eliminated the Bacchiad aristocracy.

Ancient Corinth Image

Ancient Corinth Image

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