10 Facts about Ancient Egypt

Monday, January 19th 2015. | History

Facts about Ancient Egypt tell you one of the most advanced civilizations in the world. It was dated back around 3,000 years ago. Today, there are many products of ancient Egyptian civilization which fascinated us such as the pyramids, mummies, and hieroglyph. Here are the interesting ancient Egypt facts for you:

Facts about Ancient Egypt 1: the Nile River

The beginning of the ancient Egypt civilization began from the Nile River. They lived along the banks of Nile River and worked as farmers. They got the abundant source of water to grow crops and plants here.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 2: the benefits of living near Nile River

The ancient Egyptians got a lot of benefits by living along the Nile River. It provided them with water, fertile soil, and food and transportation route. Check out Nile River facts here.

Ancient Egypt Classes

Ancient Egypt Classes

Facts about Ancient Egypt 3: the three major kingdoms

The ancient Egyptians were divided into three major kingdoms by the historians. Those were the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. The intermediate period was the time between the kingdoms.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 4: makeup

Today, only women wear thick makeup because they want to look beautiful. Men do not wear any makeup.  If you check out the Egyptian men and woman, you will be surprised because both wore makeup. The makeup was not only for beauty, but it helped them to protect the skin from the sun. Moreover, they believed that makeup had healing power.

Ancient Egypt Facts

Ancient Egypt Facts

Facts about Ancient Egypt 5: writing

One of the first civilizations which invented the system of writing is the Egyptians. The ancient paper is called papyrus.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 6: numerous ancient inventions

The ancient Egyptians were very smart since there were numerous inventions that they created such as toothpaste, calendar, cosmetics, medicine, building and plow for farming.

Ancient Egypt Images

Ancient Egypt Images

Facts about Ancient Egypt 7: Pharaoh

Pharaoh is the king of Egypt. If you see the image of pharaoh, most of them had the hair covered.  It is due to the fact that the common people will never see their hair.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 8: Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun is one of the most important pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Howard Crater rediscovered the tomb in 1922. This tomb is very famous since it features the old gold funerary mask of the pharaoh. Find out another pharaoh in Amenhotep III facts.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Facts about Ancient Egypt 9: Pyramids and Treasure

The Pyramids in Egypt were the burial place for the pharaoh.  The treasure was needed during the burial process since the pharaoh will need it in afterlife.

Facts about Ancient Egypt 10: the end of the empire

The end of the empire in Egypt was in 700 after it could not sustain the power from the invasion of the Assyrian empire, Persian Empire and Alexander the Great of Greece.

facts about Ancient Egypt

facts about Ancient Egypt

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