10 Facts about Ancient Greece

Thursday, January 22nd 2015. | History

If you want to know the civilization which dominated most parts of the Mediterranean thousand years ago, you have to check out Facts about Ancient Greece. The pinnacle of this civilization occurred during the era of Alexander the Great. Then the ancient Greek ruled some parts of western Asian and Europe.  Get more facts about ancient Greece by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ancient Greece 1: the Roman culture

The Roman culture was very much influenced by the ancient Greek culture. It is due to the fact that the Greeks came before the Roman.

Facts about Ancient Greece 2: foundation

The ancient Greeks set the foundation of the some western culture today. There were many fields in our life affected by the knowledge from ancient Greek such as in the field of science, sport, philosophy, art, mathematics, literature, and government.

Ancient Greece Map

Ancient Greece Map

Facts about Ancient Greece 3: the three periods in ancient Greece

There were three periods in ancient Greece. Those included the archaic period, classical period, and Hellenistic period.

Facts about Ancient Greece 4: Archaic Period

The ancient Greek civilization started in 800 BC during the archaic period. The period ended in 508 BC after the introduction of Democracy.  The important events during this period included the Homer’s writing on the Iliad and Odyssey and also Olympic Games. Find out facts about ancient Greek culture here.

Ancient Greece Pic

Ancient Greece Pic

Facts about Ancient Greece 5: Classical Period

Classical Period was marked with the introduction of democracy.  During this era, ancient Greece was famous with the great thinkers such as Plato and Socrates. The end of this period was marked by the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC.  In the period, there was a war between Athens and Sparta. Get facts about ancient Athens here.

Facts about Ancient Greece 6: Hellenistic Period

The last period in ancient Greece was Hellenistic Period.  The period began after the death of Alexander the Great until the Roman took power over Greece in 146 BC.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Facts about Ancient Greece 7: the main cities

There were two main cities in ancient Greece. Both were Sparta and Athens. Both fought in Peloponnesian Wars. Athens focused more on the learning and arts, while Sparta focused more on how to fight.

Facts about Ancient Greece 8: the city states

Even though only Athens and Sparta were famous, actually there were more than 100 city states.

Ancient Greece Ruins

Ancient Greece Ruins

Facts about Ancient Greece 9:yo-yo

The second oldest toy in the world is yo-yo. It was invented in ancient Greece. The first toy was doll.

Facts about Ancient Greece 10: the law trials

The juries of a law trial were around 500 citizens in the ancient Greece.

facts about Ancient Greece

facts about Ancient Greece

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