10 Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre

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Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre talk about the form of entertainment in ancient Greece.  The theater in ancient Greece was used for festivals for the first time.  It was also a part of the religious festivals. They loved seeing the performance in theater because the ancient Greeks loved dancing and singing. Most theatres were located on the hillsides.  Since it was built in open air situation, it could hold more than 18,000 audiences. Here are other facts about ancient Greek Theater below:

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 1: the shape

The theaters in ancient Greece were made in semi circular form and placed in open air situation. The spectators sat on the rows of tiered stone seating located around the theater.  By having this shape, the spectators will be able to hear and see the performance of the actors.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 2: the center

In the center of the ancient Greek theater, you can spot the circular dancing floor or orchestra. This dancing floor also had an altar. It was used for the ritual of sacrifice for Dionysus. The circle for this altar can be raised upward.

Ancient Greek Theatre Facts

Ancient Greek Theatre Facts

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 3: the actors

The actors in the past were only men. No women were involved with the performance on the theatre. To exaggerate the emotions and facial features, the actors wore the large masks. To increase the voice, the mount hole was very large. Check facts about actors here.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 4: Greek tragedy

One of the important genre performances in ancient Greek theater is Greek tragedy.  In 532 BC, it was created in Athens. The earliest recorded actor at that time was Thespis. He became the winner during the first theatrical contest in Athens.

Ancient Greek Theatre Image

Ancient Greek Theatre Image

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 5: Thespis

Thespis was very famous at that time. He took the credit of the Father of Tragedy. But he was placed in the 16th position of the Greek tragedians because people were doubt with his importance.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 6: the entrance

The ancient Greek theatre was equipped with tall arched entrances. They call them eisodoi or parodoi.  This entrance area was used by the chorus and actors to enter the theatre.

Ancient Greek Theatre Pic

Ancient Greek Theatre Pic

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 7: the skênê

The skênê was the back wall of the ancient Greek theatre. During the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta, the back wall was created in two stories high at the end of 5th century BC.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 8: the scenic elements

The ancient Greek theatres had some scenic elements. The wheeled platform used to show the dead characters in front of the spectators was ekkyklêma. To create the scenery on the stage, they used Pinakes.

Ancient Greek Theatre

Ancient Greek Theatre

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 9: the masks

The masks were not only used by the actors but also by the chorus. During the tragedy, the members of the tragic chorus were around 12 till 15 people.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre 10: genre

Some important genres in ancient Greek theater included comedy, tragedy and satyr.

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre

Facts about Ancient Greek Theatre

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