10 Facts about Ancient Hebrews

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Facts about Ancient Hebrews talk about the Jewish people. If you check out Tanakh or Hebrew Bible, the term Hebrews appear 34 times in 32 verses. The term is often used to describe or call the Semitic Israelites who lived during the nomadic era before the pre monarchic period. If you are interested to find out more facts about ancient Hebrews, check out the following information below:

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 1: Hebrew to Jew

There was no transfer of the word Hebrew to Jews in some languages such as Kurdish, Italian, Armenian, Romanian and Old French and Russian. The primary word used to call a Jew is Hebrew.

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 2: inscriptions

The inscriptions discovered in the second millennium mentioned the word, The Habiru. Based on the inscriptions, many people assumed that the word Hebrew had something to do with the semi nomadic Habiru people. They settled in Egypt in 13th and 12th century BCE.

Ancient Hebrew Facts

Ancient Hebrew Facts

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 3: the older texts

Actually there were older texts which mentioned the word Hebrew. The texts were made in 15th century BCE or on the third intermediate period of Egypt. Get facts about ancient Egypt here.

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 4: Old Testament

The Old Testament had their definition about the Hebrew. It was used by the foreigners to call the Israelites. When the Israelites speaking about themselves, they also used this term.

Ancient Hebrew Life

Ancient Hebrew Life

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 5: definition of Israelites

The Israelites can be defined as the descendants of Jacob. He was the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. Eber was the ancestor of Jacob, but he was removed in the seven generation. Do you know that he was a distant ancestor of many people? Those were Moabites, Qahtanites, Midianites, Ishmaelites, Israelites, Ammonites and Israelites. Get Abraham facts here.

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 6: “Hebrews” and “Israelites”

To find out whether “Hebrews” and “Israelites” talk about the similar people, you can check out the Jewish Encyclopedia. It is stated that both can be used to describe the similar people.

Ancient Hebrews Book

Ancient Hebrews Book

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 7: the Hebrew and the Land of Canaan

Based on the explanation on the Hebrew encyclopedia, before the conquest of Land of Canaan, the people were called Hebrews.

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 8: Professor Nadav Na’aman

Professor Nadav Na’aman is one of the persons who stated that about the rare usage of Hebrew to call the Israelites. This word was only used to call the migrant or slaves in Israelites.

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient Hebrews

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 9: the roman period

Hebrew was used to call the Jews during the Roman period. It is due to the fact that Jews used the Hebrew language.

Facts about Ancient Hebrews 10: Zionism

The word Hebrew was very popular among the secular Zionists in the end of 19th century. It was used to transform the Jews into the independent and secular national group. But the word faded away after people began to use the word Israeli or Jew.

facts about  Ancient Hebrews

facts about Ancient Hebrews

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