10 Facts about Ancient Hinduism

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Facts about Ancient Hinduism talk about one of the important religions in the world. It was developed since the Iron Age traditions. Many people called Hinduism as the oldest religion in the world. The western scholars have their own opinion when talking about ancient Hinduism. They believed that it was the synthesis or fusion of different Indian traditions and cultures. Therefore, there was not a single founder on Hinduism. Get more facts about ancient Hinduism below:

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 1: the formative period

The formative period of the Hinduism occurred in 800 BCE and 200 BCE. It was a turning point for the Hindu religion.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 2: The Golden Age of Hinduism

The Golden Age of Hinduism was in 200 BCE to 500 CE.  During this period, there were six branches of Hindu Philosophy which flourished during the era. Those were Vaisheshika, Mimamsa, Samkhya, Yoga, Vedanta, and Nyaya. Check out ancient civilization facts here.

Ancient Hinduism Facts

Ancient Hinduism Facts

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 3: Bhakti movement

During the similar period of Hinduism, Bhakti movement also developed the monotheistic sects such as Shaivism and Vaishnavism.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 4: the classical Pauranic Hinduism

The classical Pauranic Hinduism was developed in the early middle Ages or the late Classical Period in 650 to 1000 CE.

Ancient Hinduism Pic

Ancient Hinduism Pic

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 5: Hinduism in the earliest prehistoric religion in India

The evidence of ancient Hinduism in the earliest prehistoric religion in India can be seen on the rock paintings of Bhimbetka rock shelters. It was made around 30,000 BCE.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 6: the religious practice

The people also assumed that the religious practice in India may be occurred in 4,000 BCE.

Ancient Hinduism Temple

Ancient Hinduism Temple

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 7: the early Harappan period

The elements of Hinduism could be found in the beginning of Harappan period. In the remains in the Harappan, people could find the Phallic symbols. Later the symbols were interpreted as the Hindu Shiva Lingam.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 8: the seal

There were many Indus valley seals which depicted the images of animals. One seal was interpreted as Hindu Gods Shiva and Rudra after seeing a horned figure seated and surrounded by animals.

Ancient Hinduism

Ancient Hinduism

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 9: Hindu philosophy

The flowering of the classical Hindu philosophy can be seen in 4th and 6th centuries during the Gupta Period. There were many topics that people can find on the classical Sanskrit literature such as astrophysics, astrology, veterinary science, medicine and astrology.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism 10: the first century

The Hinduism in India also affected other regions during the first period such as the Indonesian archipelago.

Facts about Ancient Hinduism

Facts about Ancient Hinduism

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