10 Facts about Ancient History

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If you are interested to know about the life of the people in the ancient time, check out Facts about Ancient History in the following explanation. When we hear the word ancient, our mind wonders on the ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Persia, and other great empires in the world. Let’s check out their way to living, art and culture below:

Facts about Ancient History 1: ancient Greece

The people in ancient Greece gave a lot of contributions to the modern western world. It sent the foundation of democracy, western philosophy, theater, and Olympic Games. Get facts about ancient Greece here.

Facts about Ancient History 2: paper and gunpowder

Do you know that the Chinese people took the credit of the first invention of paper? The gunpowder was invented in ancient China too.

Ancient History Facts

Ancient History Facts

Facts about Ancient History 3: Feta Cheese

Can you tell me the oldest cheese in the world? It is Feta Cheese and is considered as the national cheese in Greece. It is made of milk of goats and sheep.

Facts about Ancient History 4: the First Seismograph

The ancient Chinese civilization was very impressive since there were many inventions created by the people in the past. Besides paper and gunpowder, Chinese people also invented the First Seismograph. Zhang Heng created this instrument to monitor the earthquakes in AD 130. He was the famous Chinese literacy scholar and astronomer.

Ancient History in China

Ancient History in China

Facts about Ancient History 5: The Capuchin Crypt

The Capuchin Crypt was one of the famous buildings in ancient Rome. It had five chapels. The corridor of these chapels was decorated with 4,000 bones of the decreased monks. Do you know that the name cappuccino was taken from the name of this Crypt?

Facts about Ancient History 6: Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was famous due to his magnificent skill in the wars and battles. The first person who made India have a contact with western world was this famous king.

Ancient History Pic

Ancient History Pic

Facts about Ancient History 7: the Aryans

The Persians were always depicted as the non Caucasian people in the popular culture. Actually the Persians were the real Aryans because Iran means the Land of the Aryans.

Facts about Ancient History 8: Toasting

When we have dinner or celebrate an important event, we usually toast the drink. This habit was derived from the ancient Greece.

Ancient History

Ancient History

Facts about Ancient History 9: Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre originated the famous genres of Comedy and tragedy. Get facts about ancient Greek Theatre here.

Facts about Ancient History 10: the Shopping Mall

The first shopping mall was invented by Rome. Emperor Trajan in Rome built the shopping mall which sold everything such as spices, food, drinks and clothes. The mall had 150 outlets.

facts about Ancient History

facts about Ancient History

Are you fascinated with facts about ancient history?

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