10 Facts about Ancient Inca

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Facts about Ancient Inca tell you about the famous Empire in Peru.  In 1500s, the Inca Empire was very big and rich. The population of the empire was around 10 million people. The area of the empire spanned on 2000 miles from the north to the south area.  People were impressed with the system of Inca Empire since this empire was big but it can maintain the government and people. Here are other interesting facts about ancient Inca.

Facts about Ancient Inca 1: Tawantinsuyu

Tawantinsuyu is a term used to call the Inca government. The Sapa Inca was the leader who ruled the Inca Empire. There was only a single leader on the empire.

Facts about Ancient Inca 2: the Sapa Inca

The Sapa Inca means a sole ruler. The ruler was the king or emperor of Inca. Each person in the government had to report to Sapa Inca. He was the most powerful person in Inca land.

Ancient Inca Facts

Ancient Inca Facts

Facts about Ancient Inca 3: the wife

The emperor of Inca had a principal wife. You can call her coya. She was the queen of the empire.

Facts about Ancient Inca 4: the high ranking officials

The high ranking officials were very important in Inca Class. Most of them usually were the relatives or families of the emperor. When running the empire, the king would be helped by the officers.

Ancient Inca Images

Ancient Inca Images

Facts about Ancient Inca 5: the high priest

The high priest in Inca Empire was called Willaq Umu. Since religion was very important in the life of the Inca, the priest was very powerful and respected after the Sapa Inca.

Facts about Ancient Inca 6: Military Generals

The ancient Inca also had some Military Generals. The leaders of the generals were called the Apukuna. The head general usually had a close relation with the emperor. Check out another civilization in ancient Japan facts.

Ancient Inca Pic

Ancient Inca Pic

Facts about Ancient Inca 7: quarters

There were several quarters in ancient Inca. Each quarter was called suyu. The center of the four suyu was the capital city of Cuzco. The four suyu included Anti Suyu, Chinchay Suyu, Kunti Suyu and Qulla Suyu.

Facts about Ancient Inca 8: province

The province in ancient Inca was called wamani.  Each suyu was divided into wamani.

Ancient Inca

Ancient Inca

Facts about Ancient Inca 9: taxes

The ancient people in Inca had to pay for taxes to make sure that the government ran smoothly. Get facts about ancient history here.

Facts about Ancient Inca 10: the laws

The Sapa Inca made the laws. Several things against the laws included murder, cheating on taxes, cursing the gods and stealing.

facts about Ancient Inca

facts about Ancient Inca

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