10 Facts about Ancient India

Monday, January 26th 2015. | History

Facts about Ancient India talk about the civilization in India. This country has a lot of scientists and scholars in the past. The word zero was discovered by an Indian man, Aryabhatta.  Slavery can be seen in Egypt, America and Greece. But based on the point of view of Greek philosopher, the ancient India did not have slaves. Here are other facts about ancient India for you:

Facts about Ancient India 1: Indus valley civilization

The famous civilization in India is Indus valley civilization.  It has the advances technology and system due to the magnificent planning on the town.

Facts about Ancient India 2: Bhaskaracharya

Another great mathematician and astronomer in India was Bhaskaracharya. He was the first Indian person who could calculate the time of our planet to orbit the sun. Check out facts about ancient civilization here.

Ancient India Image

Ancient India Image

Facts about Ancient India 3: Pythagoras theorem

Pythagoras theorem was very important until this present day. The person who could explain the theorem from India was Baudhayana. He also took the credit of the first person who could describe the value of pie.

Facts about Ancient India 4: advanced science

The ancient people in India were so advanced when talking about science. They knew a lot about mathematics, science, trigonometry, algebra and calculus. The Quadratic equations were founded by Sridharacharya in 11th century.

Ancient India Pic

Ancient India Pic

Facts about Ancient India 5: the popular game

Can you mention one of the most popular games to play in ancient India? Chess was one of them. People spent their leisure time to play chess.

Facts about Ancient India 6: Sushruta

Sushruta was the great physician in ancient India. There were many types of surgeries that he had conducted such as brain surgery, plastic surgery, cesareans, artificial limbs, fractures, cataracts and stones.

Ancient India Statue

Ancient India Statue

Facts about Ancient India 7: water harvesting

Water harvesting had been used in ancient India. The Shaka king, Rudradaman established Sudarshana Lake used for the dam and reservoir.

Facts about Ancient India 8: learning center

Studying was very important in ancient India. Therefore, people built the learning centers located in Nalanda and Taxila.  The students would be able to learn various kinds of subjects.

Ancient India Temple

Ancient India Temple

Facts about Ancient India 9: Ayurveda

Ayurveda is still famous until this present. Actually it was a product of the ancient Indian time. Charaka developed this school of medicine for human by focusing on the holistic view.

Facts about Ancient India 10: wealth

The ancient India was very famous because of the wealth. Therefore, it was nicknamed as a golden bird.

facts about Ancient India

facts about Ancient India

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