10 Facts about Ancient Japan

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Facts about Ancient Japan talk about the life of Japanese people in the past.  The ancient Japan was divided into several periods. The first period in ancient Japan began in 250 AD. It was called the Kofun period. The name of the period was derived from the name of the large tumulus Burial mounds. It was called Kofun.  The meaning is ancient grave based on the Sino Japanese. Get more facts about ancient Japan below:

Facts about Ancient Japan 1: The Kofun period

The strong military states were established during the Kofun period.  The power in the era was seen on the powerful zoku or clans.

Facts about Ancient Japan 2: the Japanese imperial lineage

The origin of the Japanese imperial lineage was established during the 3rd until 7th century AD.   Karachi and Yamato were center of this establishment of Yamato polity.

Ancient Japan Facts

Ancient Japan Facts

Facts about Ancient Japan 3: The imperial China

During the 5th century, the Japanese people began to send their tribute to Imperial China.  The polity was called Wa based on the Chinese history record. Moreover, the history also recorded five kings. Get facts about ancient China here.

Facts about Ancient Japan 4: The Chinese models

The life of the people was created based on the Chinese models. It had an imperial court system and central administration.  They also had several occupation groups to organize the society.

Ancient Japan Houses

Ancient Japan Houses

Facts about Ancient Japan 5: the middle of Kofun period

During the middle of Kofun period, there was a close relationship between the Japan and Korea kingdoms.

Facts about Ancient Japan 6: the Asuka period

The Asuka period lasted from 538 until 710. During this period, there was a centralized state of proto Japanese Yamato polity. The Taiho Code and Taika Reforms were included as a code of laws at that time.

Ancient Japan Letters

Ancient Japan Letters

Facts about Ancient Japan 7: Buddhism

In 538, King Seong of Baekje introduced Buddhism to Japan. Actually it was not a popular religion at that time. But it was heavily promoted in Japan for various purposes.  By practicing Buddhism, the Japanese people began to discontinue burying the dead people in large Kofun.

Facts about Ancient Japan 8: Prince Shotoku

In 594, the power in Japan was held by Prince Shotoku. This man came as the regent of Empress Suiko. Empress Suiko was the niece of Emperor Sujun who was killed in 593.

Ancient Japan Pic

Ancient Japan Pic

Facts about Ancient Japan 9: Empress Suiko

Based on the ancient Japanese history, Empress Suiko was famous as the first female ruler in Japan. She was the wife of the previous emperor Bidatsu.

Facts about Ancient Japan 10: the effort of Prince Shotoku

Prince Shotoku had an intention to spread the Chinese culture and Buddhism in Japan because he was the regent of Empress Suiko.

facts about Ancient Japan

facts about Ancient Japan

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