10 Facts about Ancient Maya

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Facts about Ancient Maya tell you about one of the impressive civilization in the world. The Mayan people were famous because of their prediction of apocalypse and their calendar. They had the advanced culture in the ancient time.  If you are interested to know the way of life and advanced culture ancient Maya, check out the following explanation below:

Facts about Ancient Maya 1: the Mayan calendar

The Mayan calendar is very famous in the world. This calendar was created on a stone. The calendar expired on 21st December 2012. By looking at the calendar, people can find out the impressive knowledge of Mayan’s astronomy and mathematics.

Facts about Ancient Maya 2: a complex script of writing

The ancient Maya had their complex script of writing. They wrote using the logogram and syllabic forms.

Ancient Maya Calendar

Ancient Maya Calendar

Facts about Ancient Maya 3: Dresden Codex

Dresden Codex is one of the examples of Mayan writing. Do you know that it was considered as the oldest known book in America? It was a pre Columbian text.

Facts about Ancient Maya 4: the ritual sacrifice

During the ritual sacrifice, the Mayan people used human and animals. Check out ancient history facts here.

Ancient Maya Images

Ancient Maya Images

Facts about Ancient Maya 5: festival

The sacrifice was conducted by the priest during the festival. The animal sacrifice is much more common compared to the human sacrifice.

Facts about Ancient Maya 6: what should they during the sacrifice?

The ritual sacrifice can be simple or complex. The simple example of the sacrifice was by piercing the ears and other soft body parts. The complex one is by killing the people to honor and appease the gods.

Ancient Maya Painting

Ancient Maya Painting

Facts about Ancient Maya 7: the bodies of the sacrifice

After the people were killed during the ritual, their bodies will be placed inside the sinkholes.  The Mayan people did it as the entrance for the spiritual world with the earth.

Facts about Ancient Maya 8: medicine

The medicine of Mayan people involved with spiritual and physical world. They were very skillful to stitch the wound using human hair. The jade and turquoise were used to make dental prostheses.

Ancient MAncient Maya Picaya Pic

Ancient Maya Pic

Facts about Ancient Maya 9: hallucinogenic drugs

Hallucinogenic drugs were often used by the shamans when they wanted to communicate with the spirit during the rituals. But they were used to relieve the pain too. Get facts about ancient Inca here.

Facts about Ancient Maya 10: sports

There were several sports that the ancient Mayan played such as ballcourts.

Facts about Ancient Maya

Facts about Ancient Maya

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