10 Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia

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Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia talk about the first place of human civilization in the world. There is no need to wonder that the credit of the cradle of civilization was taken by ancient Mesopotamia. It is the first place for the people to write, have a government and create large cities. Here are other facts about ancient Mesopotamia for you:

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 1: the word Mesopotamia

Can you tell me the meaning of the Mesopotamia? It means the land between rivers. Therefore, a particular land located between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in the Middle East is referred to Mesopotamia.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 2: most of the areas

In the present days, most areas of ancient Mesopotamia are located in Iraq. But there are some areas of ancient Mesopotamia located in northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and southwestern Iran.

Ancient Mesopotamia Books

Ancient Mesopotamia Books

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 3: the heart of Mesopotamia

Even though the land of Mesopotamia was very large and located in various countries, the heart of this region was situated between the two rivers in southern Iraq. The rivers were very important for the people to do farming. They could get enough water for the irrigation.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 4: the bigger town in ancient Mesopotamia

The towns in ancient Mesopotamia grew bigger and bigger because of the development of farming. At first, the people only gathered in small villages and towns. Since they knew the way to plant crops and irrigate the land, it became bigger.

Ancient Mesopotamia Life

Ancient Mesopotamia Life

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 5: the large cities

After the towns got bigger, the large cities were formed. The people began to realize the importance of having government to keep the cities in order. That’s the time when the first human civilization was formed in the ancient Mesopotamia.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 6: The Sumerians

The first human to create the civilization was the Sumerians. The future civilization in ancient Mesopotamia set by Sumerians. They had the government, writing system and culture. The king controlled the land.

Ancient Mesopotamia Map

Ancient Mesopotamia Map

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 7: the oldest written law

The oldest written law in the world was created by King Hammurabi of Babylon. He called it the Code of Hammurabi. Get facts about ancient Babylon here.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 8: Fertile Crescent

Most parts of Fertile Crescent are located in ancient Mesopotamia.

Ancient Mesopotamia Ruins

Ancient Mesopotamia Ruins

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 9: sun-dried bricks

Sun-dried bricks were the main material used by the ancient Mesopotamia people to build structures, homes and other buildings.

Facts about Ancient Mesopotamia 10: the people in ancient Mesopotamia

The people who had lived in ancient Mesopotamia include the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Persians. Get facts about Akkadians here.

facts about Ancient Mesopotamia

facts about Ancient Mesopotamia

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