10 Facts about Ancient Nubia

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Let me show you Facts about Ancient Nubia if you want to know the ancient life in Sudan. Nubia was also called as Ta-set, Wawat or Kush. It was located the southernmost region of ancient Egypt. Today, the land of Nubia is called Sudan. Check out more facts about ancient Nubia below:

Facts about Ancient Nubia 1: the Nile River

The Nile River passed the land of Nubia, but it was narrower to compare to the Nile River passing Egypt. Therefore, the population was smaller. The farming was also less productive compared to the one in Egypt.

Facts about Ancient Nubia 2: the border

The border of ancient Nubia and ancient Egypt was located on the First Cataract. When the ancient Egyptians wanted to import the vital items such as ebony, incense, gold, exotic animals and ivory from the tropical Africa, they did it through Nubia.

Ancient Nubia Facts

Ancient Nubia Facts

Facts about Ancient Nubia 3: Nubia

Probably the area was called Nubia by the Egyptian people due to the gold mines. Nub means gold. The prisoners of wars, convicted prisoners and slaves worked on the gold mines of Nubia.

Facts about Ancient Nubia 4: capturing Nubia

Nubia was conquered by ancient Egyptian people. The land of Nubia was included as provinces. There is no need to wonder that there were many pyramids located in Nubia rather than in Egypt. Get facts about ancient Egypt here.

Ancient Nubia Images

Ancient Nubia Images

Facts about Ancient Nubia 5: Kushite king

The famous Kushite king was Piye. This Nubian King could conquer Egypt during the 3rd Intermediate period of New Kingdom in his 25th dynasty.

Facts about Ancient Nubia 6: Nubian Dynasty

The Nubian Dynasty is also called Kushite Empire. It was the 25th dynasty in Egypt. Therefore, there were several ancient Pharaohs who had the Nubian origin after Egypt was captured by Nubians.

Ancient Nubia Ruins

Ancient Nubia Ruins

Facts about Ancient Nubia 7: the reign of Nubian Dynasty

Nubian Dynasty took the power of Egypt in 760 BC until 671 BC.  The ancient Egypt was controlled by the Nubians for 89 years.  When the king controlled Egypt, he restored the art, culture, religion, architecture and values of the Egyptians.

Facts about Ancient Nubia 8: Psamtik I

Psamtik I was the famous person who could expel the Nubians from Egypt in 671 BC.

Ancient Nubia

Ancient Nubia

Facts about Ancient Nubia 9: Napata

Napata was the capital of Nubia when the successors of Nubians were expelled from Egypt. They had Napata was the capital in their homeland.

Facts about Ancient Nubia 10: Meroe

Napata was the capital in 656 till 590 BC. Then it was moved to Meroe.

facts about Ancient Nubia

facts about Ancient Nubia

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