10 Facts about Ancient Pompeii

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Facts about Ancient Pompeii elaborate the details about the major resort city during the ancient Rome. Since the city was located on the foot of Mount Vesuvius, people were buried under 20 feet of debris and ash when the volcano erupted in 79 AD.  Find out more facts about ancient Pompeii below:

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 1: the Oscan peoples

The Oscan peoples settled in Pompeii in the seventh century BC. It was a good location for the people to farm and trade.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 2: farming

The main job of the people who lived in Pompeii was farming. They grew olive trees and grapes.  The soil in Pompeii was very rich due to the earlier eruptions of Mount Vesuvius.

Ancient Pompeii Damages

Ancient Pompeii Damages

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 3: the Samnites

The Samnites took over the city of Pompeii in 5th century. Then the Roman conquered Pompeii. In 80 BC, Pompeii was officially called as the Roman colony. People called it Colonia Veneria Cornelia Pompeii. Get facts about ancient Rome here.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 4: the popular destination

The Romans loved to go to the city of Pompeii. The city was very popular as a vacation destination.

Ancient Pompeii Pic

Ancient Pompeii Pic

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 5: the population

The city of Pompeii was inhabited by 10,000 till 20,000 people. During the hot summer months, there were many rich and wealthy Romans spent their time in Pompeii.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 6: a Roman city

Pompeii was made in a typical Roman city.  A forum was established at one side of the city. The business in the city was conducted here.

Ancient Pompeii Ruins

Ancient Pompeii Ruins

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 7: near the forum

The people in Pompeii built several temples near the forum. Those included the temple of Apollo, Jupiter and Venus. The public baths and fountains were from aqueduct carried water.  The rich people had their own private running water.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 8: entertainment

Entertainment is an important part for the life of people in Pompeii. People were served with gladiator games.  People will gather in a large amphitheater. It provided the seats for 20,000 spectators. Other forms of entertainment included the musical concert, plays, festival and religious celebrations.

Ancient Pompeii Ruins

Ancient Pompeii Ruins

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 9: frequent earthquakes

The people in Pompeii had to face frequent earthquakes because their city was located near the active volcano. A huge earthquake damaged Pompeii in 62 AD.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii 10: eruption of Mount Vesuvius

The big eruption of Mount Vesuvius on 24 August 79 AD destroyed the city. There were at least 16,000 million people died.

Facts about Ancient Pompeii

Facts about Ancient Pompeii

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