10 Facts about Ancient Rome

Wednesday, January 28th 2015. | History

Those want to know the unique Facts about Ancient Rome should read the following post below.  The ancient civilization in ancient Rome was very advanced. The Roman often wore the good luck charms. It was phallus. Check out more ancient Roman facts below:

Facts about Ancient Rome 1: the Romans

The Romans were called the powerful, influential and civilized people. But they were very superstitious. The phallus was considered as the lucky charm. They wore it as the necklace. They believed that phallus can evade the evil spirit by having this item on the wind chimes or doorways.

Facts about Ancient Rome 2: the shopping mall

Do you know that the first shopping mall was invented by the Romans? It was the Trajan Market. It was a huge open building that sold various kinds of items such as clothes, spices, food and drinks. Get ancient history facts here.

Ancient Rome Art

Ancient Rome Art

Facts about Ancient Rome 3: the shops in the Trajan Market

The Trajan Market was filled with at least 150 different shops. It was located in the center of Rome. The building has two levels.

Facts about Ancient Rome 4: the gladiator blood

It is very weird to know that the ancient Romans believed that the gladiator blood cured epilepsy.  After the gladiator was killed and removed from the area, their warm blood would be sold.

Ancient Roman Art Bust

Ancient Roman Art Bust

Facts about Ancient Rome 5: Military Medicine: From Ancient Times to the 21st Century

Military Medicine: From Ancient Times to the 21st Century described the way the Roman people cured the wounds.  The Romans used the combination of vinegar, honey and cobwebs to bandage the wounds.

Facts about Ancient Rome 6: Emperor Gaius

People often called Emperor Gaius as Caligula. Based on the history of ancient Rome, he was considered as one of the most immoral and evil emperors. The unusual thing that he did was when he declared that his horse was a priest. He also called himself as a god. He got the unlimited power in Rome.

Ancient Rome Image

Ancient Rome Image

Facts about Ancient Rome 7: dressed like a women

Caligula also shocked his people when he dressed wearing women’s clothes. He also wanted his guards to use the feminine call signs like “Kiss me Quick”.

Facts about Ancient Rome 8: the indoor plumbing and toilets

The Romans were famous with their sewer system. The rich people could enjoy the indoor plumbing and toilets.

Ancient Rome Pic

Ancient Rome Pic

Facts about Ancient Rome 9: crucifixion

Crucifixion was the punishment that the non Roman citizens would have if they caught on the criminal act. If you were a Roman citizen, you just had to be exiled or paid the fine.

Facts about Ancient Rome 10: UFO

The UFO phenomenon occurred in ancient Rome. There was a report in 218 BC which stated that a fleet of ship floating on sky.

facts about Ancient Rome

facts about Ancient Rome

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