10 Facts about Ancient Sparta

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Facts about Ancient Sparta tell you about the famous city state in ancient Greece. The location of Sparta was in Laconia region in the Peloponnese. In the past, Sparta was often called Lacedaemon. Actually the city had been in ancient Greece since 10th century BC. However, the ancient Greeks began to pay attention on Sparta in 650 BC. Get more facts about ancient Sparta by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ancient Sparta 1: the military power

Ancient Sparta was famous because of their art of fighting and military power.  The Spartans were considered as the best armies in ancient Greek.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 2: Battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Thermopylae was a famous battle between Sparta and Persians. Before the Persians were defeated, the Spartans had to kill a lot of Persians.  The leader of the Spartan was King Leonidas. He took 300 Spartan warriors and 1000 soldiers to attack the Persians.

Ancient Sparta Image

Ancient Sparta Image

Facts about Ancient Sparta 3: the Greco-Persian Wars

Sparta was the commander of all Greek armies during the Greco-Persian wars. It was the famous series of wars between the Persians and Greeks. Get facts about ancient Persia here.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 4: Sparta and Athens

Sparta and Athens often fought each other in Peloponnesian War. Learn more ancient Athens facts here.

Ancient Sparta Ruins

Ancient Sparta Ruins

Facts about Ancient Sparta 5: Two Kings

It was very unusual to know that there were two kings who ruled the kingdom of Sparta. One king was from Eurypontid family. Another king was from Agiad family.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 6: the inhabitants

There were several social groups which made up the inhabitants of Sparta. The citizens of Sparta were called Spartiates. The slaves from Messenia and Lakonia were Helots. The Freed slaves were Periokoi. The non Spartan fee men were Mothakes.

Ancient Sparta Statue

Ancient Sparta Statue

Facts about Ancient Sparta 7: the focus of life

The people in Sparta focused their life to maintain the military supremacy. They wanted to produce the brave and great warriors.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 8: Spartan babies

When the babies of Sparta were born, they would be bathed in wine. If the babies were weak, they will be killed by throwing them off Mount Taygetos.

Ancient Sparta Warriors

Ancient Sparta Warriors

Facts about Ancient Sparta 9: education

The men in Sparta received the military training. The Spartan girls did not have any military training, but they were well educated.

Facts about Ancient Sparta 10: military training

When the boys were at the age of 7, they would receive the military training.

facts about Ancient Sparta

facts about Ancient Sparta

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