10 Facts about Andalucia

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Facts about Andalucia present the ideas about the second largest area of autonomous communities in Spain. It is considered as the most populous one in Spain. There are 8 provinces in Andalucia. Those are Cordoba, Almeria, Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga, Jaen, Granada and Seville. If you want to more about Andalucia, get the facts below:

Facts about Andalucia 1: the mountain ranges

The Sierra Morena and Baetic System are the mountain ranges in Andalucia.   The range was made up from Subbaetic and Penibaetic Mountains.

Facts about Andalucia 2: the cultures

There are many Spanish cultures originated from Andalucia. Those include the Moorish architecture, bullfighting and flamenco.

andalucia facts

andalucia facts

Facts about Andalucia 3: the hottest area in Europe

The hottest temperature of Andalucia is located in the interior of Andalucia. During the summer season, the temperature of the provinces such as Seville and Cordoba can reach 36 degree Celsius.

Facts about Andalucia 4: The Andalusia coat of arms

When you see the Andalusian coat of arms, you can find out the figure of Hercules. The two Pillars of Hercules were surrounded by two lions.

andalucia pic

andalucia pic

Facts about Andalucia 5: the flag

Andalucia has an official flag. It consists of three colors. Those are green, white and green in three equal horizontal stripes.

Facts about Andalucia 6: the Día de Andalucía

The Día de Andalucía is the national holiday in Andalucia. The people celebrate it on 28 February annually. It was to commemorate the autonomy referendum in 1980.

andalucia ronda

andalucia ronda

Facts about Andalucia 7: Fishing

One of the most important traditions in Andalucia is fishing. People do it by gathering at the Andalucia coast.

Facts about Andalucia 8: seafood

The main local diets in Andalucia include almadraba tuna, white prawns and fried fish.

andalucia scenery

andalucia scenery

Facts about Andalucia 8: tourism

Andalucia is a good tourism object. You can visit this place with family and friends. You can enjoy the mild spring and winter in Andalucia. You can enjoy the hill villages when visiting Cordoba. The most favorite place to visit is the coastal areas of Andalucia. People can enjoy the mild climate on the beach shore. Dont forget to visit Almeria with its wonderful architectural building. Get facts about Almeria here.

Facts about Andalucia 10: the interesting places in Andalucia

There are many interesting places that you can visit in Andalucia. They include the Alhambra in Granada, the Great Mosque of Córdoba, the Alcazaba in Málaga and the Giralda and Alcazar in Seville. If you like to know the archeological sites, you can come to La Rábida Monastery, the Roman city of Italica, and the city-palace of the Cordoban caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III. Check out ancient Rome facts here.

facts about andalucia

facts about andalucia

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