10 Facts about Anders Celsius

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Facts about Anders Celsius tell you about the famous physicist, astronomer and mathematician from Sweden. He was born on 27 November 1701 and passed away on 25 April 1744. Do you know that the famous scale of temperature, Celsius was taken from his name? Find out more facts about Celsius by reading the following post below:

Facts about Anders Celsius 1: becoming a professor

In 1870 until 1744, Anders Celsius was a professor of astronomy at Uppsala University. Celsius also spent his time to visit various observatories in Italy, Germany and France in 1732 until 1735.

Facts about Anders Celsius 2: proposing the Celsius temperature

In 1741, he established Uppsala Astronomical Observatory.  He used his last name Celsius as the temperature scale in 1742. Get absolute zero facts here.

Anders Celsius Facts

Anders Celsius Facts

Facts about Anders Celsius 3: date and place of birth

Let’s find out his birth date. He was born on 27 November 1701 in Uppsala, Sweden. His family came from Ovanåker. It was located in the Hälsingland province

Facts about Anders Celsius 4: the estate

The location of his family’s estate was at Doma. People also recognized this estate as Högen or Höjen. The family’s last name was Celsius. It was taken from the latinization of their estate’s name.

Anders Celsius Life

Anders Celsius Life

Facts about Anders Celsius 5: the family

Talking about his family, his father and grandfather were educated men.  His grandfather was Magnus Celsius. He was a mathematician. His father was Nils Celsius. He was an astronomy professor.

Facts about Anders Celsius 6: a talented child

Since his young age, Celsius was a talented child. He was very interested to learn about science.  He also liked to study mathematics.

Anders Celsius Stamp

Anders Celsius Stamp

Facts about Anders Celsius 7: the education

He went to Uppsala University. At that time, his father worked in the university.  Anders became the professor in the university in 1730.

Facts about Anders Celsius 8: publication

One of his important publications was Nova Methodus distantiam solis a terra determinandi. It was published in 1730.  The publication means New Method for Determining the Distance from the Earth to the Sun in English.

Anders Celsius

Anders Celsius

Facts about Anders Celsius 9: aurora borealis

Anders also published his observation about aurora borealis in 1733. It elaborated his collection 316 of aurora borealis observations that he did in 1716 until 1732. Find out another scientist in Amedeo Avogadro facts.

Facts about Anders Celsius 10: death

Anders Celsius passed away in 1744 because of tuberculosis.

facts about Anders Celsius

facts about Anders Celsius

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