10 Facts about Anderson Shelters

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Facts about Anderson Shelters talk about the popular raid shelter.  During the Blitz, the people used this air raid shelter to protect themselves. In 1938, this Anderson shelter was designed and created. The name of the shelter is unique. It was derived from the person who was responsible to resist German air raid on Britain. He was Sir John Anderson. Here are the interesting facts about Anderson Shelter for you:

Facts about Anderson Shelters 1: the number of people

The shelter was designed only six people. The air raid shelter was created in simple design. There were six corrugated steel panels used as the main part of the Anderson shelter.

Facts about Anderson Shelters 2: the design for the steel panels

Now let’s talk the design of Anderson shelters. To create the side and end panels, the flat corrugated steel panels would be bolted. One side had a door.

Anderson Shelter Image

Anderson Shelter Image

Facts about Anderson Shelters 3: the measurement

Can you guess the measurement of Anderson shelter? It had the length at 2 meter, the width at 1.4 meter and the height at 1.8 meter.

Facts about Anderson Shelters 4: the cramped shelter

Since the dimension of this shelter was not really big, the shelter was very cramped and tight.   It was impossible for a person whose height was more than 6 feet to stand up inside the shelter. Find out facts about air raids here.


Anderson Shelter

Anderson Shelter

Facts about Anderson Shelters 5: the number of Anderson shelters

Do you know that Anderson shelters were very popular?  People built this shelter before the wars and at the beginning of the wars. There were at least 3.5 million Anderson shelters which had been used by the people.

Facts about Anderson Shelters 6: burial

The Anderson shelters were buried at least 1 meter below the ground. The soil and turf were used to cover the shelter.

Anderson Shelters Facts

Anderson Shelters Facts

Facts about Anderson Shelters 7: the price

The people whose income was less than £250 did not have to pay any money. It was free for them. The people who were not included in this category had to pay £7.

Facts about Anderson Shelters 8: saving lives

There were many lives of the people saved because they hide inside the Anderson shelters.  It could prevent the major air raids.

Anderson Shelters

Anderson Shelters

Facts about Anderson Shelters 9: the shortcoming

During the winter months, people could catch cold when they were inside the shelter. Get facts about air raid shelter here.

Facts about Anderson Shelters 10: the Anderson shelters today

Today, there are many survived Anderson shelters. Even though they are not used anymore, people use it as a garden shed.

Facts about Anderson Shelters

Facts about Anderson Shelters

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