10 Facts about Andersonville Prison

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Facts about Andersonville Prison talk about the famous building located near Andersonville, Georgia. Today it was called Andersonville National Historic Site. In the past, it was a Camp Sumter or Andersonville Prison. During the American civil war, the site was used as a Confederate prisoner-of-war camp. Here are other interesting facts about Andersonville Prison for you:

Facts about Andersonville Prison 1: the exact location

Today, the location of this former prison is on the southwestern Macon County. It is located on the east side of Andersonville.

Facts about Andersonville Prison 2: the site

When you come to the site, you can view the Andersonville Prison, National Prisoner of War Museum and Andersonville National Cemetery.

Andersonville Prison Facts

Andersonville Prison Facts

Facts about Andersonville Prison 3: the civil war prison

The Andersonville prison was used as the civil war prison. When people see the site, it reminds them with the misery that the prisoners had to face during the civil war. Get facts about American civil war here.

Facts about Andersonville Prison 4: the bad condition

The prison was in a bad condition. The number of the prisoners could not be accommodated well due to the small area. Moreover, it did not give the prisoners with good sanitary condition. They had lack of water supply and low food.

Andersonville Prison Pic

Andersonville Prison Pic

Facts about Andersonville Prison 5: the number of the prisoners

It is estimated that 45,000 union prisoners were located in Andersonville prisons. There were 13,000 men died in this prison.

Facts about Andersonville Prison 6: the main cause of the death

The prisoners died because of several reasons. Most of them died because of the diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea and scurvy.

Andersonville Prison Pic

Andersonville Prison Pic

Facts about Andersonville Prison 7: the opening of the prison

In February 1864, the Andersonville Prison was opened.  It spanned on the area of 6.7 ha or 16.5 acres of land. The original design featured 4.6 meter or 15 feet high stockade.

Facts about Andersonville Prison 8: the enlargement

The Andersonville prison’s area was enlarged in June 1864.   The stockades were in the dimension of 490 meter by 237 meter. It was made in rectangular shape. The land area was 107,000 meter square or 26.5 acres.

Andersonville Prison

Andersonville Prison

Facts about Andersonville Prison 9: the entrance

The Andersonville prison was equipped with two entrances. People call it as the south entrance and north entrance.

Facts about Andersonville Prison 10: the water supply

The prisoners were not able to get the clean water supply. Because there were too many Unions prisoner, the water supply from the Stockade Creek was polluted.

facts about Andersonville Prison

facts about Andersonville Prison

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