10 Facts about Andes Mountains

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Let me show you the largest visible mountain range in the world in Facts about Andes Mountains. Have you ever visited Andes Mountain before? Andes are situated at the backbone of South America. The length of this mountain range is 4,800 miles or 7,600 km.   It covers the area of 800,000 square miles or 2 million square km. Find out more interesting ideas about Andes Mountains below:

Facts about Andes Mountains 1: the height

Let’s discuss the average height of Andes Mountains.  The height is around 13,000 feet or 4,000 meters. Therefore, Andes Mountains have the longest terrestrial mountain range. If you want to know the longer chains, they are located at the bottom of the oceans.

Facts about Andes Mountains 2: Aconcagua

Aconcagua is called as the highest peak in Andes Mountains. The height is 22,841 feet or 6,962 meter.  The location of this peak is in northwestern Argentina. In Americas, it is called as the highest mountain. Learn Aconcagua facts here.

Andes Mountain Pic

Andes Mountain Pic

Facts about Andes Mountains 3: the Inca Empire

The ancient Inca Empire was located in Andes. It was one of the greatest civilizations of ancient World.

Facts about Andes Mountains 4: high plateaus

The parallel chains of Andes Mountains create high plateaus. The height is around 10,000 till 13,300 feet. Check another mountain in Alps facts.

Andes Mountain Ranges

Andes Mountain Ranges

Facts about Andes Mountains 5: islands and islets

If you want to know the Andes in large number of islets and islands, you can go to in Tierra del Fuego.

Facts about Andes Mountains 6: the formation

The formation of Andes Mountains was because of the collision of two tectonic plates. Both were the South American plates and Nazca plates.

Andes Mountain System

Andes Mountain System

Facts about Andes Mountains 7: the collision

The South American plate is pushed in the rate of 1.5 centimeter. The collision occurred 50 million years ago.

Facts about Andes Mountains 8: volcanic mountains

You have to be careful when visiting Andes Mountains because of most of them are included as volcanic mountains. One of the famous volcanos is Ojos del Salado. It is located in Argentina Chile Border. The height is around 23,000 feet.

Andes Mountain

Andes Mountain

Facts about Andes Mountains 9: Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is the famous volcano in South America. The location is 50 miles to the south of Quito. It is the capital of Ecuador.

Facts about Andes Mountains 10: the important crops

There are two important crops in the world originated from Andes Mountains. Both are tomato and Potato.

Facts about Andes Mountains

Facts about Andes Mountains

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