10 Facts about Ando Hiroshige

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Facts about Ando Hiroshige present the interesting information about the famous Japanese printmaker and painter. He lived in 1797 until his death in 1858. Do you know that he is one of the 6 great masters in Ukiyo-e school? Find out more interesting Ando Hiroshige facts below:

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 1: the characteristics of his prints

Hiroshige was a famous printmaker. If you check out his works of art, you can find out that he was very interested to create the landscape print which depicted the Japanese view.  The print was described in poetic style.

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 2: The Edo Period

Hiroshige was considered as the last pinnacle in Ukiyo-e school. He worked at the end of the Edo Period in Japan.

Ando Hiroshige Art

Ando Hiroshige Art

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 3: the prints after his death

If you check out the prints created by other artists after his death, they had garish color, careless painting and vulgar style.

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 4: before the death of Hiroshige

Commodore Perry disembarked in Japan few years before the death of Hiroshige. This man tried to break the seclusion of Japanese culture and people. There is no need to wonder that people could read the dead signs of Japanese culture and art.

Ando Hiroshige Image

Ando Hiroshige Image

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 5: who is Hiroshige?

Can you tell me who he was? His father was a fire brigade chief in Edo. Today, we call Edo as Tokyo.

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 6: education as a printmaker

He had his education as a printmaker when Hiroshige was only 14 years old. He was a student of Utagawa Toyohiro.

Ando Hiroshige Painting

Ando Hiroshige Painting

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 7: The traditional Japanese painting

Besides learning the printmaking, Hiroshige also learned to make the traditional Japanese painting. You can see actor and courtesan prints in his early works.  But he had not found his own style.

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 8: landscape

He began to find out his own unique style after he turned his attention on Japanese landscape. Due to his unique painting style, he received bigger fame at that time.

Ando Hiroshige Work

Ando Hiroshige Work

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 9: the first important works

The first important works of Hiroshige were created in 1831. It was a collection of 10 views of Edo. He became the leader printmaker after he created Fifty-three Stages of the Hokkaido Road. Get another artist in Alvin Ailey facts.

Facts about Ando Hiroshige 10: the landscape painting

If you look at his painting, you can see the depiction of old pines, snow covered mountains, fishing boats and sea.

facts about  Ando Hiroshige

facts about Ando Hiroshige

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