10 Facts about Andorra

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Facts about Andorra tell you about the country which is famous with its tourism industry.  The country is officially called the Principality of Andorra. It is situated in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains. The neighboring countries include France and Spain. In Europe, Andorra is ranked on the sixth position of the smallest country. It covers the area at 181 square miles or 468 km square. Based on the report in 2012, it was inhabited by 85,000 people. Here are other interesting facts about Andorra:

Facts about Andorra 1: Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra. It was considered as the highest capital city in Europe. The city sits on the height of 3,356 feet to 1,023 meters.

Facts about Andorra 2: the official language

Can you guess the language spoken by the people in Andorra? The official language is Catalan. But there are many people who use French, Portuguese and Spanish as the everyday language.

Andorra Facts

Andorra Facts

Facts about Andorra 3: the formation of Principality

The principality of Andorra was formed in AD 1278. The heads of the monarchy are the Co-princes. They are the President of France and the Roman or Spanish Catholic Bishop of Urgell.

Facts about Andorra 4: the tourism industry

Andorra is very famous in the world because of the tourism industry.  In a year, there are 10.2 million people who come here to enjoy the scenery of Andorra. It is a good haven or sanctuary for the people who want to get closer with the nature.

Andorra Image

Andorra Image

Facts about Andorra 5: the currency

The currency of Andorra is euro even though this country is not included as member of European Union. In 1993, Andorra became the member of United Nations.

Facts about Andorra 6: the life expectancy

It is very surprising to know that the life expectancy in Andorra is very high. Based on the report in 2013, the life expectancy of the people was 81 years old. It is the highest one in the world.

Andorra Map

Andorra Map

Facts about Andorra 7: the culture

The culture of Andorra is Catalan. The famous folk dances include contrapàs and marratxa.

Facts about Andorra 8: the national holiday

Our Lady of Meritxell Day is the important national holiday in Andorra. It is celebrated annually on 8 September.

Andorra Pic

Andorra Pic

Facts about Andorra 9: parishes

There are seven parishes in Andorra. Those are Sant Julià de Lòria, Canillo, La Massana, Andorra la Vella, Ordino, Escaldes-Engordany, and Encamp. Find out another country in Albania facts.

Facts about Andorra 10: the climate

Andorra has the continental and alpine climate. During the winter season, it is very cold due to the falling snow. The summer season is cool.

facts about Andorra

facts about Andorra

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